Who We Are ?

Sybrid (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Lakson Group company that stands among the premier business process outsourcing (BPO) companies maintaining its origin in Pakistan. Launched in 2008, Sybrid is currently serving in three countries; Pakistan, UAE and USA, catering a diverse array of customers.

In the modern business era where specialization is a major focus of most successful businesses, Sybrid takes the edge off of efforts put in the critical but non-core activities of your business. It offers, in the present day dynamic trade panorama, a highly effectual BPO services; both inbound and outbound. Our solutions include international Food Chain Service Delivery, Internet Service Providers, Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, FMCG, Media, Healthcare and Market Research- all of which are especially tailored for your business. Possessing an adept team of outsourcing professionals, Sybrid aids your company in achieving substantial cost falloff and tangible superiority in results of a wide collection of business operations.

Lakson Group of Companies

The Lakson group was founded by Hasan Ali Karabahi in 1954. It currently has more than fifteen companies in Pakistan. It aims to shape a business paradigm that covers the needs of its clients, shareholders and employees. Its expanding establishment demonstrates its capability and devotion to opting the right markets and opportunities.

Lakson maintains corporate values - People, Customer Success, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, Social Responsibility and Sustained Profitability -- focus on our long-term perspective for leadership and prosperity. These values form a foundation to our business strategy. They help us construct a healthy work environment for our employees, making sure the teamwork culture yields the best of products and services that help maintain long term relationships with our clients and stakeholders, thus maximizing value for them. All our companies share ideas, values, interests and goals; working independently yet cooperating with each other. Bottom line: outright customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission


We aim to help our clients outperform with our passion and commitment- striving to serve as the right strategic resource at the right time.


Our mission is to grow as a world class, socially responsible and diversified BPO organization that delivers reliable and state of the art services to our clients. We deem to grow with our clients, propelled by long term partnerships with them and with our employees, based on strong values of integrity and trust.

Certifications & Awards

Sybrid has cautiously devised its Quality Management System in accordance with globally commended quality standards. We are dedicated to deliver superior services to our clients winning their unceasing trust and maintaining reputable name in the market. The following certifications and awards attest to this commitment.

ISO Certification

Sybrid provides services that meet the ISO9001 and ISO9002 standards of Quality Management System in order to fulfill all statutory and regulatory requirements of its clients.

COPC Certifications

Sybrid works in compliance with the COPC guidelines at all times. This ensures that the organization has a comprehensive scaffold for managing its people, processes and performance for all its customer operations.

Six Sigma Practice

Sybrid holds a team of six sigma experts that employ this methodology as a primary element of the company’s Quality Management System; hence making sure that all operations are made practically error free every time.

ISMS Certification

In a short time period, Sybrid attained the ISMS certification (ISO27001, ensuring that all its company information assets are secure- offering absolutely reliable services to its clients.



The foundation of Sybrid was kept in Pakistan back in year 2008, where the company started off with call center outsourcing services and soon expanded its expertise in various other sectors. The company caters an array of industries; food, automobile, IT, finance are a few to name. Sybrid maintains a competitive advantage by its contemporary solutions backed by a team of trained professionals that ensure virtually perfect output. It has gained excellence in call center services both inbound and outbound, software development, IT solutions and managed services among many others.


Sybrid has been a significant player in the health care market in the US. By the label of Sybrid MD, it has been serving as an efficacious full-service billing company, catering more than a hundred practices in twenty-two states. It partners to increase client profits, by providing various management services that are tailored according to the client’s requirements. Besides billing and front desk services, Sybrid takes care of customers’ needs for comprehensive software that fulfill the need of time in order to enhance their operational strategy and efficiency. In a world where healthcare departments are struggling to achieve highest possible patient satisfaction, Sybrid MD is your best practice solution.


Sybrid’s row of successful ventures in the UAE initiated when it won McDonald’s delivery services contract. It went on to set up its branch office in Teecom, Dubai and started providing fine inbound and outbound call center services to McDonald’s UAE, among other international clients. Currently, Sybrid affords healthcare services, practice management and revenue cycle solutions to a line of clients that include those in FMCG, Food Industry, Market Research and Healthcare Services Sector. At present, Sybrid has affiliations with Blue MENA, CCMENA, Centroserve, Vocalcom, Altitud. In a hub of corporate world where a cluster of business process outsourcing companies exist, Sybrid continues to offer need specific, cost saving solutions to its clients so they can achieve tangible excellence in their businesses.