The Lakson Group of Companies

Lakson's Corporate Values -- People, Customer Success, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, Social Responsibility and Sustained Profitability -- focus on our long-term perspective for leadership and prosperity. These values should inspire us to a level of excellence that maximizes value for customers, business partners, and shareholders, while supporting our employees and the communities in which our employees live and work. These values are intended to be a foundation to guide our decisions. They are reflected in our business objectives. And they represent the global standard by which all of our individual and collective actions will be measured.

Our expanding organization demonstrates our devotion to picking the right markets and the right opportunities.

We frequently create partnerships with foreign companies to combine industry specific skills, knowledge, and operational expertise. Our companies are part of a family, and are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies help one another, and solutions to problems often come from within the Group somewhere. It's like a commonwealth, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals.