Peoplesware is a Human Resource Management System which offers one stop solution to all the human resource related activities right from sifting out the right candidate till the exit of your employees. Not only this, It helps automate various aspects of human resource management, while reducing the workload on your workforce as well as aligning the employee management objectives with that of your organization.

With embedded workflow, automatic alerts, advanced security and easy configuration options, the system reflects our experience of working with companies, large and small, to design HR systems that really works i.e.

  • Centralize and organized HR data
  • Reduce admin overheads
  • Gain better HR intelligence
  • Flex to fit the way you want to work


Flexible org structure:

Set up multiple companies, divisions, departments, locations etc.

Flexible org structure

Set up multiple companies, divisions, departments, locations etc.

Comprehensive employee profiles:

Capture contact details, next of kin, photos, education, qualifications, career history, etc.

Full employment records:

Manage multiple employment contracts and assignments, and track career history.

Multiple working-time patterns:

Cope with part-time workers and international requirements (e.g. working week starts on a Sunday).

Training management:

Plan, allocate, record and track requested and delivered development activities and the associated costs.

Compensation records:

Keep a full history of all comp elements, including base salary, bonuses, benefits and pension status; import pay slips; and exchange data with payroll systems (integrated payroll options available)

Record assets:

Keep track of company laptops, mobile phones etc.

Legislative compliance:

Dedicated screens for grievance & disciplinary, health & safety etc., with alerts and notifications.

HR portal & social workspaces:

Share documents, announcements and links. Invite feedback and tailor to different groups of employees.

Document management:

Upload or generate personalized documents, such as contracts or salary awards, with the option of document tracking.

Dedicated dashboards and reports:

Fast access to key information, such as headcount, demographics and turnover.

Built for the Cloud:

Achieve more with a system that’s been built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest web and mobile technologies.

Modular & scalable:

Built to help you grow, add employees, divisions, companies etc.

Comprehensive & configurable:

Straightforward for you to set the system up to work your way.

Secure by design:

Roles-based security and advanced security at every level

Connect from anywhere:

Use from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Approval workflows:

Route tasks and authorizations to the right people at the right time

Alerts & notifications:

Never miss an important date with automatic emails, reminders and tasks

Fast to deploy and easy to manage:

Our expert team can help you get up and running in just a few days or weeks.