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Sybrid Contact Centre Chain

Call center forms a sound base for better customer relationship for a company. Present day clients expect to be able to stretch out to your business in convenient communication channels; voice being the most preferred one.

Sybrid relieves you of this critical task of connecting with your clients, which may not be one of your core activities but contributes to your successful business. We maintain a well-found chain of call centers directed toward customer service, order management, technical support, inbound/outbound campaign and product advisory services. While our inbound calls help increase customer satisfaction and provides solutions to their queries; outbound calls help strengthen sales pipeline, build customer confidence and adds to customer lifecycle management. In order to verify excellence, we couple these activities with real time monitoring, call recording, reporting, quality assurance via client input and service level agreement.

Having over six years’ experience of running call centers, we provide you with superior services in economical prices, paired with benefits of low staff turnover, multilingual service and 24/7 operations. Keeping in view the growing customer needs, Sybrid’s team of experts ensures value for your customers and better profits for you.

Sybrid Email & Live Chat Support

Considering how popular communication through emails has become, it is vital for any business to respond to those. However, every business receives a tremendous number of emails on a daily basis, classifying and responding to which is time consuming. Sybrid relieves you of this everyday task. Information sharing, complaint forwarding, feedback recording and other important functions can be covered through our email support.

In addition to that, if you wish your customers have a live chat with a company representative regarding order placing, complaints and feedback, general product and service information or anything else, you can find assistance with Sybrid’s live chat support for your website. This maintains a consistent link between you and your clients while you can still stay focused on your core business activities.

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Sybrid SMS Branding

In the present day where SMS has been extremely popular, be it for informal use or important conversations, companies reach out their clients by SMS marketing and communication. Sybrid allows you to send SMS with your brand name instead of a number unknown to the customer; hence building customer trust and consequently increasing response rate. Additionally, short code and long code solutions are also available. Even if the customers are not available at a particular time for an outbound call, they will get to respond to the SMS anytime they choose.

This effective and wide scale solution helps you readily receive feedback, scratch card redemption, live Q&A with corporate expert team, product complaints and gives a chance to direct hit your targeted customers by operators.

Sybrid Managed Facilities Suite

Sybrid offers managed services to an array of clients- offloading everyday infrastructure management to its capable specialists and lets you concentrate on handling the fundamental chores of your business. This ensures that you encounter lesser pauses due to a range of IT and related technical issues. From managing the entire IT infrastructure or just explicit elements, Sybrid caters solutions aiding organizations in optimization of their processes and systems.

  • We provide a diverse range of ICT infrastructure services that encompasses monitoring, management, operations and reporting.
  • Security Surveillance System is an advanced solution that uses state of the art technological elements and best practices for a flawless examination of customer premises. This end-to-end setup amalgamates both analog and IP based technology. Sybrid’s Safe City Solution is also acting as benchmark in security surveillance field in Pakistan. READ MORE
  • Sybrid’s Access Control Suite is a well-developed system catering various customers’ business needs. Designed using the finest technology, this system can be made available 24/7 and be tailored according to your specific needs- be it at your business premises or road access control.
  • Fire Safety System is another of our services. It is a concrete system designed to mitigate risks. Its fire alarm system, conventional fire detection system, addressable fire detection system; all are designed and installed in order to give top-grade risk alleviation.
  • Vehicle Tracking System is an elaborately designed one that helps you stay relieved and offers various tracking possibilities that traditional tracking systems do not cater. The supreme technological details added to the system, aids it to provide the customer with an array of easy track options.

At Sybrid, we have proactive solutions where clients face virtually zero downtime, fewer glitches and better performance at competitive costs. We give you peace of mind by taking the burden of these critical services while you focus on strategic business entities and remain receptive to the primary business processes to improve profits.

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Sybrid IT Fix

Maintaining a whole IT department at a company calls for a lot of expense. Sybrid eases you in terms of cost as well as responsibility by addressing your essential IT needs while you take care of your performance indicators.

From IT service desk function that allows for first, second and third line support 24/7/365, to IT service management and infrastructure management, we provide flexible and customized support for your business. Our services are designed for efficient monitoring of management operation systems, backup and storage and databases and network. In the interconnected business market, we provide you with enhanced and protected competitive advantage with ‘IT thinking’ completely incorporated into your business scheme. No matter you want to start small or cover a wide range of IT operations with us, we can flex any time to accommodate your requirements.

Productive staff, up-to-date technology at hand, we carry the nimbleness to react timely to any market or technology advancements. In this quickly advancing global market, Sybrid delivers across the board IT transformation services in order for your business to switch to modern and resourceful IT infrastructure.

Sybrid Software Solutions

Not all your business needs can be met by the ready-to-use softwares easily available in the market. This is when custom software development services come handy. Be it for engaging your clients in your business improvement strategy via feedback or running complex errands efficiently using comprehensive applications, Sybrid generates softwares that perfectly fit your needs.

Our services broadly encompass developing softwares from scratch that distinctively match your business essentials and processes that put your products and services above the match as well as taking your existing applications to a next step so they meet the growing needs. In addition to that, our team of experts uses its creativity and skill to maintain and alter any installed softwares. This may constitute refurbishing, refining and re-engineering or routine maintenance tasks like system check-ups, testing and minor repairs. Therefore, freeing you of any hitches it may cause.

The major software development solutions available at Sybrid include amongst others, website design and development, mobile applications and desktop applications.

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Sybrid Health Care

In the current medical marketplace, increasing and diverse workload encumbers physicians and other office staff. This diverts their attention from the crux of their business that eventually suffers from low revenues. Sybrid Health Care takes the pressure off medical enterprises and provides solutions and services to Accountable Care Organizations at the forefront. If revenue loss or stagnant business progress is one of your concerns, Sybrid Health Care is the key for you.

With our elaborate suite of management services, you get relieved of the responsibility of front office tasks that include; managing patient phone calls, appointment confirmations, follow ups, patient payments, insurance eligibility check, patient surveys, regular reports on your business health check, call recording and monitoring for audit and compliance.

In addition to that, medical billing services are also offered by us that cover charge entry, insurance claims check-through and timely submission, insurance collection and denial management, patient statements, payment posting, reporting through weekly practice scorecard and Ad hoc reporting.

That is not all; we relieve you of the IT responsibilities at your end, as we invest in superlative technology involving hardware, telephony, software solutions and EMR training. We also cover elaborate medical transcription services for doctors, clinics and hospitals as well as credentialing.

Possessing over 6 years of experience, serving over 100 practices in more than 22 states of the US, Sybrid maintains a customer centric approach paving ways to multiply your business incomes. We achieve this by enabling you to exponentially reduce accounts receivable, increase patient-base and improve collections while at the same time reducing your personnel cost; all that, to make your business stand out in today’s competitive world.

Sybrid MR Pro

For any business to move ahead and manage crucial operations, it is necessary to be well aware of market trends and current business status. At Sybrid, market research services provide insights that help you make chief decisions regarding a whole bunch of affairs concerning your business on regular basis.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview) along with other methods like CAWI and CAPI are employed in order to carry out reliable research.

We carry out the brand health check for you which enables you monitor the condition of your brand using brand health indicators, as we provide you with brand health summary report, product life cycle analysis and KPI report- tracking; all provided in user friendly formats. Customer satisfaction is another crucial element of market research services. Our diverse methodologies followed ensure that objective and direct client satisfaction parameters are analyzed regarding their views about company’s staff, complaint handling, cost, product performance, comparison with competitors and more.
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Satisfaction Scores, Key Driver Analysis and Performance Tracking Report are prepared at each of these studies. Mystery Caller which is a modified form of mystery Shopper technique helps you analyze your clients’ view about and performance of the customer care department at your company regarding various aspects for instance, staff attitude with client, attempts before getting connected, waiting time before being attended etc.

Attention is paid to procedures followed during this; automated, audio recording of all interviews and open ended responses, data entry on computers online, using structured questionnaires, selection of respondents at random are some of the features of its methodology. If you are looking for reliable and impartial market research services, that saves your time and cost, you have come to the right place.