1700 – COVID-19 Helpline: Sybrid’s Proud Partnership with Provincial Health Ministry, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Ever since the notorious Covid-19 tightened its grip around Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sybrid has been running an effective and comprehensive project on behalf of the Provincial Health Ministry, whereby the company is running a successful helpline and operational center to serve calls and queries regarding Covid-19 for all districts of the Province. According to KP Minister of Information, Kamran Khan Bangash, since April to date, the helpline has served over 284,000 Covid-19 related calls. Among these, necessary action with the involvement of COVID-Team has been taken on over 136,000 calls.

Currently, the helpline operated by Sybrid functions as a central operational hub for all Covid-19 related calls. All pandemic concerning operations of the Provincial Health Ministry are streamlined through this helpline. Sybrid’s immense experience in contact centers, technology, and managed services renders it second to none when it comes to executing such a critical project. Presently operational in its standard format, the helpline can be easily metamorphosed by Sybrid to offer different facilities, depending on the needs and expectations of the government.

The helpline project has been promoted and appreciated by the top brass of provincial government, including KP Health and Finance Minister, Mr Taimur Khan Jhagra; Secretary Health KP, Mr. Abid Majeed; and Provincial Advisor on Excise and Taxation, Ghazi Ghazan Jamal. The honourable gentlemen also tweeted about the helpline’s merits and utility, some of which can be accessed through the following links:


The call center, which can be reached by calling “1700” from a cellphone or landline then dialing “1”, helps callers via a Rapid Response Team 1 (RRT1). Once alerted by the caller regarding a possible case of Covid-19, the first responders i.e. RRT1 reach the designated locality of the caller to judge the situation.

Once the RRT1 gets a good read on the situation, it recommends testing for Covid-19 if symptoms are showing. In more serious cases, the RRT1 asks for RRT2 to be mobilized, which decides whether home isolation is suitable or hospitalization. In case hospitalization is needed, Sybrid’s team gets in touch with the ambulance service providers to make all the necessary arrangements for the patient to be hospitalized.

Once Covid-19 tests come back with positive results, our team begins the tracing procedure whereby all the immediate family members and friends of the Covid-19 positive patient are also tested, as well as anyone else the patient might have come in contact with in the past few days.

Moreover, the helpline is not the only source of checking for Covid-19 presence among KP’s residents. The Province’s Health Department also recommends patients to Sybrid’s team for them to take the necessary course of action.

Being a technology company, Sybrid has also introduced an in-house software for the RRTs which enables them to have a greater visibility of the operational side of the system e.g. localities that are Covid-19 hotspots, locked-down areas, and localities with new cases of Covid-19 etc. The software is a comprehensive solution to serve the operational and field requirements of the entire Covid-19 efforts through this command and control center.

This entire process has helped put a check on KP’s Covid-19 cases, and smooth out the process of dealing with patients in the most effective and efficient manner. Sybrid is therefore proud to play its part in this time of national and global crisis, enabling an effective operation to streamline the Covid-19 efforts, data gathering, and effective decision making, ultimately leading to saving lives.