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Information technology service management

We take a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing, and improving IT support services. Organizations can confidently delegate sectional or complete IT operations to our team of qualified experts.

We take full responsibility for people, processes, and technologies as agreed upon in the Service Level Agreement. The SLA is based on an ISO/IEC 20000-1 governance framework that manages end-to-end IT operations.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Sybrid’s approach to IT services guarantees high-yielding partnerships. Your organization’s technology deployment is the driving force for profitability. As your local, trusted service providers, we outsource several IT-related business processes for greater productivity.

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SYTECH – IT Support Services

Be it hardware, software, an operating system, networking components, or data storage, SYTECH services offer technical support for all infrastructure components. Our goal is to help organizations improve their IT-related business processes as it significantly impacts business operations. It maximizes the value of investments and upgrades productivity and security levels.

At Sybrid, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to take charge and run business IT processes more efficiently.

SYSOS – Systems Operations Services

Did you know you could outsource server management operations, databases, storage, contingencies, and data backup with SYSOS? This is a program that offers complete operations management of your server infrastructure operations on a variety of models and platforms.

Our team of well-trained system operators remains up-to-date with the latest trends to offer your business productive and efficient IT management solutions.

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it services

SYSOC – Security Operations Center

Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) work together to ensure the corporate network meets the organization’s needs. We work as an extension of both to offer the best IT services.

Using NOC, we perform extensive monitoring and maintenance of your network infrastructure. Alternatively, our SOC service includes an assessment and analysis of risks and vulnerabilities, a summary of dependencies and gaps, a review of the current work environment, and penetration tests.

SYVOX – Voice Services & Solutions

SYVOX is a purpose-built solution with three operation modules (basic, advanced, and pro) that can be offered to organizations without any limitations. It’s an IP PBX system that’s more efficient than proprietary hardware PBX/PABX.

The on-premises and cloud-ready infrastructure of Sybrid’s contact center account for significant cost savings as it eliminates the cost of ownership. Additionally, when created using a Linux server machine, we offer SYVOX service with round-the-clock support.

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