A Decade Of Reliability And Trust. Sybrid Completes Its 1st Surveillance Audit

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This April, Sybrid completed a decade of being a reliable business entity when it comes to clients’ data management and security.

In the contemporary digital age, data security has garnered considerable significance due to the growing risk of data thefts. In line with this, SGS Pakistan executed its 1st Surveillance Audit of the 4th audit cycle of ISO 27001: 2013. Clearing the audit helped Sybrid complete a successful streak of a decade in Information Security, as the company is ISO 27001 standard ISMS certified by SGS since 2010. The certificate thus remains valid.

CEO of Sybrid, Mr. Ather Imran appreciated the teamwork with his words,

“I am thankful to everyone who participated and put in the effort. Appearing for audit in such a situation was not easy. The result clearly defines Sybrid’s culture of cooperation, teamwork and commitment”

The prevalent global Covid-19 situation, which has taken bitter toll on global business activities, called for Sybrid taking safety measures to maintain standards in a pandemic situation. The company directed over 80% of its workforce, which involves hundreds of employees operating in multiple business units, to work from home. Despite such a drastic shift in work situation, Sybrid braved the storm and not once did it allow work disruption or any compromise on clients’ data security. This only goes on to exhibit the company’s proven and trusted business continuity plan and its execution.

After successfully clearing the audit, The Information Security Manager, Mr. Salman Ahmed Khan said,

“Clearing an information security audit in this challenging situation has shown the efficiency of not just our Business Continuity Process but also the information security controls and strong leadership that is competent to deal with any tough situations”.

SGS is the world’s pioneering inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company. Owing to SGS’s reputation for quality, integrity, and the high standards to which they expect their clients to adhere, Sybrid’s customers can remain confident that their sensitive data is in safe hands. The security practices of ISO 27001 are implemented throughout Sybrid’s multi-geographical operations to ensure the data security of all clients.

In such a pandemic situation, Sybrid has assured CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability) of data & information.