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A framework with the functionality and capability of managing audit cycles from start to end. Your organization can create more dependable financial reports in real time with a transparent auditing system.

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Eliminate Manual, Time-Consuming Activities

Changing The Nature of Audit Work

Sybrid automates multiple rule-based processes, which are the backbone of auditing.

Audit Pro automates several audit components, such as audit planning and scheduling, drawing up audit plans and audit checklists, creating audit reports and recommendations, and strategic planning for implementation. Automation cuts down manual labor hours, which leads to cost savings without compromising the data-driven audit activity, data, or process.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Sybrid’s Audit Pro is a framework that supports internal, operational, IT, supplier, and quality audits. It’s designed to manage audit-related activities and processes for various industries, reflecting the organization’s financial position in real time.

The Simple Three-Step Process of Audit Pro Enables You to Achieve Your Auditing Goals


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The design phase undertakes multiple operations, namely designing risk assessment processes, identifying objectives, risks, and control, choosing score metrics, defining project categories, defining roles and access levels, and developing self-assessment questions.


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The performance phase is to draft measures for firms that are being reviewed. Next, you must view assessment results, comment on these results, and attach supporting documentation.


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After the required audit procedures have been designed and performed, a risk assessment report, risk matrix report, and other necessary reports are drawn up to provide a statement based on the audit.

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Features Embedded in Audit Pro

  • Audit Plan Screen: Enabling users to create, search, edit or delete audit plans.
  • Finding Screen: The user can create, delete or edit any audit plan.
  • Executive Summary Screen: The same create, edit or delete feature, in this case, is allowed for one or multiple findings.
  • Root Cause Analysis Screen: Against any given finding, users can opt for this feature to provide a detailed root cause analysis.
  • Dashboards: Statistics, the overall status of the audit, and its results are visible on the dashboard. The user is facilitated in running a Trend Analysis.
  • Audit Plan Reports: All audit reports and their essential findings are showcased to display the final verdict.

Does Your Business Need Audit Pro?

Audit Pro is the most effective tool for incurring significant cost savings. It ensures a transparent audit process that’s tracked through each stage. Because the workflows and audit processes are automated, human errors are eliminated. Additionally, its inbuilt features also detect data inconsistencies.

Audit Pro centralizes data, so there are no missing documents, and teams have lesser paperwork to deal with. Lastly, reports can be generated and accessed in real-time.

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