Audit Pro

The Audit Pro has been designed to manage audit-related activities and processes. Audit Pro is a framework that supports internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits, and quality audits. It has the functionality to manage audit life cycles from start to end, encompassing audit components such as audit planning and scheduling, drawing up audit plans and audit checklists, creating audit reports and recommendations and their implementation.

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Audit Pro provides a simple 3-step process to achieve all essential auditing goals.


This step deals with designing risk assessment processes, identifying objectives, risks and control, choosing score metrics, defining project categories, defining roles and access levels, and developing self-assessment questions.


The next step is to draft measures for firms that are being reviewed, view assessment results, comment on these results and attach supporting documentation.


After designing and performing the required audit procedures, a risk assessment report, risk matrix report, and other necessary reports are to be drawn up in order to provide a statement based on the audit.


Sybrid’s Audit Pro offers the following features:

  • Audit Plan Screen: This feature enables users to create, search, edit or delete audit plans.
  • Finding Screen: Here, the user can create, delete or edit any audit plan.
  • Executive Summary Screen: The same create, edit or delete feature in this case is allowed for one or multiple findings.
  • Root Cause Analysis Screen: Against any given finding, users can opt for this feature to provide a root cause analysis in detail.
  • Dashboards: Statistics and the overall status of the audit and its results may be visible on the dashboard. The user is facilitated here to run a Trend Analysis.
  • Audit Plan Reports: All audit reports and their essential findings are given in these reports that state the final verdict on any audit.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs to Opt For Audit Pro

  • Audit Pro ensures a transparent audit process.
  • Each process and step in the audit is automated, so human errors can be eliminated.
  • All data errors and inconsistencies are eliminated via Audit Pro.
  • Workflows and audit processes become automated owing to a systematic procedure.
  • The audit team has less paperwork to deal with, so major cost savings are to be expected.
  • The audit may be tracked through each stage.
  • Reports may be generated and accessed in real time.
  • Audit data is centralized, so no more missing documents.
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