About Enayat Raza

  • Academic Level: Degree Bachelor
  • Location Karachi
  • Gender: Male


> I am an Engineering Graduate and finished my Bachelors in Electronics from NED University of Engineering and Technology in year 2017.

> Since after graduation, I am doing job as a MATLAB Programming Engineer and CAD Expert in a private firm running in Karachi.

> In my 2.5 years job, I have done programming for various engineering projects mostly using MATLAB.

> In MATLAB, I have come across and done several projects related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Clustering, Data Dealing, Regression, Nueral Networks and more.

> Apart from job, I am also a freelancer and single-handedly did several successful projects.

> Due to interest I developed in Data Science, I also learnt Python and SQL Programming from multiple authentic web sources.

> As I found my self very productive and effective in Data Science, I applied for Masters in it in NED University this year in 2019 and got selected after successful test and interview.

> Now at this stage I am ready and passionate to get entry level job or as a trainee in Data Science domain, so that I may get practical exposure in the exact field in which my education and interest is.

> I am very hopeful that you will give me chance to be a part of your team in the same domain and side by side evaluate my abilities in it.

> You will surely be satisfied after recruiting me as I am a honest individual and gives 100% commitment to the job role assigned to me.
I am certain that I will be a valuable addition to your firm.

> Waiting to receive earliest email reply or call from yourside.

> My Contacts are:
My Mobile: 0335-2929894, 0305-2198412.
My Email: engr.enayatraza@gmail.com
My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/enayat-raza-a27292137/
My Portfolio: https://engrenayat.portfoliobox.net/




MATLAB Programming
Python Programming
SQL Programming
Solidworks and AutoCAD