digital marketing & software development services

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digital marketing & software development services

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Canvas Digital is a business unit of Sybrid Private Limited, A Lakson Group Company. We're an end-to-end, cloud-based software company that provides robust, intuitive solutions to businesses of all sizes. We're a creative technology lab delivering groundbreaking experiences for content writing, SEO optimization, website design and development, application optimization, Amazon marketing, digital marketing, branding, social media management, Game Art and Development, and CRM.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. So, to fulfill our promise, we provide superior service and 24/7 support to our customers for addressing inquiries and issues. By streamlining operational efficiency, Canvas Digital helps businesses increase traffic, visibility, and sales. In addition, our experts are keen on assisting innovative companies in growing stronger and faster through campaigns and transformation programs.

digital marketing & software development services

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions

Changing The Face Of Game Art Design With Each Keystroke
2D Art

We have a wide range of talented, specialized 2D artists who can create the best visuals for your project.

3D Art

We have a team of specialized 3D artists who can craft the best visuals for your project.


Animation is an integral part of creating game art and design that captivates its users. The team at Canvas Digital consists of technically proficient animators, who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of animation.

UI/UX Design

Canvas Digital is a leading UI/UX design company engaged in making web applications and tempting games. Enhancing engagement and customer retention are our primary goals as UI/UX designers.

Changing The Face Of Game Development With Each Keystroke
Unreal Game Development

We are an Unreal game development studio developing games for several platforms with a team experienced in handling projects across various genres.

Mobile Game Development

From games with real-time applications to casual games, we come with the reputation of being one of the most experienced mobile gaming development companies in the market.

Unity 3D Game Development

The game development studio at Canvas Digital has proven experience bringing visually stimulating, immersive, and seamless games to the market.

HTML5 Game Development

We have a dedicated HTML5 game development team with designers, developers, artists, and QA.

Metaverse Game Development

Canvas Digital has an experienced team of game developers who create metaverse games and gaming platforms.

NFT Game Development

Canvas Digital is a leading NFT game development company with a portfolio of impressive NFT-based games and applications. We turn your dream requirement with the help of our team of top NFT developers and best-in-class game development procedures.

Understanding the search engine algorithm to increase the ranking of a webpage
On-page SEO

It ensures your website is optimized for search engines. This includes creating keyword-rich titles and descriptions and improving your website's load time.

Off-page SEO

Building your website's authority and credibility. It can be achieved by getting links from high-quality websites, social media engagement, and creating informative and shareable content.

Technical SEO

Ensuring your website is accessible and easy to crawl for search engines. This includes things like setting up a sitemap and using proper URL structures.

Performing marketing on versatile social media platforms for better market outreach
Content marketing

Creating and sharing valuable content that attracts and retains customers. This could be anything from blog posts and articles to eBooks and infographics.

Influencer marketing

A type of marketing that relies on influencers, i.e., people with a large and engaged following on social media, to promote your brand.

Paid advertising

Social media marketing involves paying for promoting and posting ads on various social networking platforms.

Offering relevant and reliable solutions for software-related problems
Operating systems

These basic software programs allow you to interact with your computer. Examples include Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Application software

This includes programs that allow you to do specific tasks, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and multimedia editing.

Web browsers

These are software programs that allow you to access and view websites. Examples include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Security software

It helps to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and other threats. Examples include antivirus and anti-malware programs.

Building an appealing and user-friendly online presence for businesses

It's safe to say that this is the basic website that involves creating HTML pages that aren't dynamic or interactive.


This is more complex since it involves using programming languages like PHP to create dynamic, interactive web pages.


It focuses on creating customized online stores and shopping carts by integrating features such as payment gateways and others that allow for customization according to the business needs.

Content management systems

Creating websites that are easy to update and manage for content marketing.

Showcasing a product or service on Amazon for lead generation and web traffic

PPC advertising is a way to drive traffic to product listings. However, it requires monitoring the campaign to ensure the business receives a wealthy ROI.


Optimizing your product listing for search engines to generate more leads to your listing. However, it can be time-consuming as it requires regular updating.

Sponsored Products

This type is a form of paid advertising on Amazon. You can bid on keywords to display your product in search results and product detail pages.

Improving the ranking of a mobile app in an app store for more clicks
A/B Testing:

It allows you to test different app versions to see which performs better. This can be done with varying elements of design.

App Store Optimization

This is similar to SEO but specifically for the app store. ASO is all about making sure your app is as visible as possible in the app store and making sure it's relevant to the user's search.

User experience

This technique involves testing how users interact with your application and making changes to improve the user experience.

Conversion rate optimization

CRO is the process of improving the percentage of visitors to a website who take the desired action – like making a purchase or signing up.

An approach to building and managing relationships with all business customers and visitors.

It's a system that helps businesses manage their customer data across all channels. Consolidates customer information from disparate sources into a single database.


Use of data and analytics to improve customer relationships. It helps businesses better understand their customers and make better decisions about interacting with them.


A term used to describe a customer relationship management (CRM) approach that emphasizes collaboration between businesses and their customers.

Crafting compelling and engaging content to increase leads and revenue.
Blog posts

A blog post is a short article that covers a specific topic. Blog posts are typically written in an informal or conversational style.

Web pages

Web pages are usually longer than blog posts and are more formal in tone. They are typically used to promote a product or service.


Whitepapers are in-depth reports that cover a specific topic in detail. They are usually longer than web pages and are written in a formal style.


An e-book is a long-form piece of writing that covers a specific topic in detail. E-books are typically written.

Without marketing, it would be impossible for your audience to discover your product or services. So let's market your brand correctly!


Working to improve business relationships with customized action plans.

Formulating marketing strategies that guarantee the highest possible returns on investment.

Staying compliant with search engine algorithms and market trends for better results

Publishing daily and weekly reports consisting of verified metrics to improve business operations

Conquering new and old platforms with tried and tested techniques for broader outreach

Ensuring customer satisfaction by actively and timely managing deliverables.




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