Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hazara, Pakistan

Vision & Mission

Accelerating business innovation in Pakistan

We aspire to foster the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by building the strategic partnership with Hazara University by launching a Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) to work together on initiatives in the areas of Tourism, Agriculture, Information Technology, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, and other disciplines. The CIE will serve as a platform for joint projects and initiatives with a core focus on innovation, creating new products and services with particular reference to the Hazara region first, and then extending to the entire Pakistan.

At A Glance


“The centre will serve as an innovation hub through joint projects between Sybrid along with the researchers and students of Hazara University, specially focussing in the areas of tourism, agriculture, IT services and solutions around social impact. We also want to actively work with the community of Hazara region to achieve these goals for the progress of the region.”

Ather Imran Nawaz – CEO Sybrid

“This centre will serve as a catalyst for the overall region’s progress. We will bring together the expertise and competencies of Hazara University and its associates along with Sybrid and Lakson Group for the progress of its community.”

Prof Dr. Jamil Ahmad - Vice-Chancellor, Hazara University


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