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Cloud Animations is Sybrid Private Limited's leading animation brand operational in Dubai, UAE, as well as New York City and Maryland in the USA. Over the years, we've served various industry segments with the best of our 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard, motion graphics, video editing, logo animation, architectural visualization, CGI-VFX, infographics, and hybrid & cel services.

With a passion for creativity and belief in animation's power, we captivate the audience with a wide range of our services that bring ideas to life. Our talented team of designers, artists, and animators master their craft of creating stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact on the audience. We utilize cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques to deliver exceptional quality that exceeds client expectations.

Dynamic Website and Application Solutions

Captivating narratives are given vibrant existence through the mastery of two-dimensional animation.
Stop Motion Animation

Physically manipulating objects or characters to capture individual frames, as seen in claymation or puppet animation.

Cut-Out Animation

Animating separate pieces of characters or objects, arranging them to create motion, often using paper or digital assets.

Hand-Drawn Animation

Hand-crafting each frame to achieve a fluid and organic animation style.


Frame-by-frame tracing of live-action footage to create realistic or rotoscoped animations.

Sprite Animation

Utilizing pre-drawn or pre-rendered images (sprites) to create animations, commonly found in video games.

Experimental Animation

Pushing the boundaries of traditional 2D animation by exploring unconventional techniques and styles.

Engrossing visual journeys meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art three-dimensional animation techniques.
Character Animation

Infusing 3D characters with lifelike movements, expressions, and interactions, breathing life into their virtual existence.

Motion Capture Animation

Translating real-world movements onto 3D character models, achieving authenticity and realism in animated performances.

Product Visualization

Presenting products in stunning 3D detail, employing textures, materials, and animations to enhance marketing and advertising efforts.

Virtual Reality Animation

Enabling interactive and immersive 3D experiences in virtual reality platforms, allowing users to engage with virtual environments.

Simulation Animation

Simulating the laws of physics and mechanics to replicate real-world objects, fluid, or environmental behaviors for training and education.

Cinematic Animation

Creating visually captivating and dynamic animations for films, cinematic sequences, and compelling cutscenes.

Simplifying complex ideas with engaging and informative whiteboard animations.
Hand-Drawn Whiteboard Animation

Evoking the feel of drawing on a physical whiteboard, this technique involves hand-drawing illustrations and text on a white surface, creating an authentic whiteboard effect.

Cut-Out Whiteboard Animation

An engaging animation is crafted by manipulating and arranging pre-cut or pre-drawn elements on a whiteboard background, bringing characters, objects, and text to life.

Digital Whiteboard Animation

Employing digital tools and software, this method produces a virtual whiteboard effect, with illustrations and text dynamically appearing as if drawn in real-time.

Typography Whiteboard Animation

Animated typography takes center stage as text and words come alive on a whiteboard backdrop, capturing attention and reinforcing the message with visual impact.

Storytelling Whiteboard Animation

Compelling narratives come to fruition through the skillful application of whiteboard animation, seamlessly blending illustrations, characters, and storytelling elements to captivate audiences.

Stop Motion Whiteboard Animation

Each frame is meticulously captured by manipulating and moving physical objects or cut-outs to create a whiteboard animation that unfolds with fluidity and charm.

Dynamic visuals add an element of excitement and creativity to videos and presentations.
Kinetic Typography

Dynamic text and typographic elements, synchronized with audio or visuals to enhance emphasis and visual engagement.

Title Sequences

Crafted intros for films, TV shows, or videos, fusing typography, graphics, and effects to establish mood and anticipation.

Lower Thirds

Overlaying animated graphics or text on the lower screen delivers extra information about people, topics, or locations.


Seamless and polished animated effects that seamlessly transition between scenes, shots, or elements, ensuring visual coherence and smooth video flow.

Broadcast Graphics

Designing and animating graphics for TV broadcasts, news programs, sports events, and various live or recorded shows.

Interface and User Experience (UX) Animation

Enhancing user experiences by creating animated interface elements, enriching interactions, and offering visual feedback.

Seamless and polished clips created through expert video editing techniques.
Assembly Editing

Constructing a cohesive sequence by organizing raw footage, eliminating unnecessary parts, and arranging clips in a logical order.

Cut Editing

Achieving seamless flow by eliminating unwanted sections, transitioning between shots, and ensuring visual continuity.

Transition Editing

Seamlessly transitioning between shots or scenes by incorporating visual transitions like fades, dissolves, wipes, or cuts.

Audio Editing

Fine-tuning audio by adjusting levels, removing background noise, adding music or sound effects, and synchronizing audio with video.

Color Correction and Grading

Enhancing or modifying the colors and tones of footage to achieve the desired visual style and ensure consistency.

Special Effects Editing

Integrating visual effects, CGI, compositing, and other techniques to create or enhance elements within the video.

Giving brands a dynamic edge with captivating animated logo sequences.
Fade In/Out Logo Animation

The logo gracefully emerges or vanishes on the screen, employing smooth fading effects, resulting in a refined and subtle animation.

Transforming Logo Animation

The logo undergoes captivating transformations, including rotations, scaling, or morphing, showcasing the brand's creativity and captivating the viewer.

Particle Effects Logo Animation

Infusing an enchanting and thrilling aura, particles like sparks, smoke, or confetti combine, disperse, or unveil the logo, adding a touch of magic and excitement.

Explainer Logo Animation

Blending the logo with explanatory elements, text, or icons conveys a compelling and informative message, engagingly introducing the brand.

Dynamic Typography Logo Animation

Through kinetic typography techniques, the logo is animated using dynamic text elements, creating a visually captivating effect that captures attention.

Stylized Logo Animation

The logo is animated by employing artistic styles like hand-drawn, watercolor, or glitch effects, imbuing it with personality, creativity, and unique visual appeal.

Transforming architectural designs into realistic and visually stunning virtual representations.
Exterior Renderings

Architectural visualization brings architectural designs to life, showcasing realistic exteriors with meticulous details like materials, textures, lighting, and landscaping.

Interior Renderings

Interior visualization captures the essence of architectural spaces, presenting a compelling portrayal of ambiance, layout, furniture, lighting, and materials.

3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans offer an immersive understanding of architectural spatial design, presenting a comprehensive view of dimensions, layout, and flow.

Walkthrough Animations

Animated virtual tours guide viewers through architectural designs, providing an interactive and dynamic exploration of spaces.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive experience, allowing users to walk through and interact with realistic architectural environments virtually.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

Augmented Reality (AR) blends virtual architectural elements seamlessly into real-world surroundings, enabling real-time interactive visualization.

Crafting mesmerizing special effects and visual enhancements with computer-generated imagery.
Character Animation

CGI breathes life into characters, creating realistic or stylized animations with expressive movements and emotions that captivate audiences.

Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX enhances footage with digital magic, adding explosive effects, fire, and enchanting visuals for an immersive viewing experience.

Environment and World Building

CGI crafts intricate digital worlds, designing and rendering environments that serve as stunning backdrops for animated storytelling.

Simulation and Physics

Realistic physics simulation adds authenticity and believability to animated scenes, creating interactions between objects, fluids, and cloth.

Creature and Character Effects

CGI and VFX bring mythical creatures and fantastical characters to animated life, showcasing unique features and special abilities.

Digital Compositing

Seamlessly blending elements and effects, CGI and VFX integrate with live-action or animated footage, resulting in a unified and captivating final product.

Conveying data and information in a visually compelling and easily understandable format.
Animated Statistical Infographics

Animated charts, graphs, and visuals breathe life into statistical data, making it more engaging and understandable.

Animated Timeline Infographics

Timelines come alive with animation, visually showcasing the sequence of events or processes through motion and transitions.

Interactive Infographic Animations

Interactive elements enhance animated infographics, allowing viewers to interact and delve deeper into the content for a personalized and immersive experience.

Animated Data Visualization Infographics

Data is transformed into dynamic visuals like flowing lines, moving bars, or animated maps, conveying trends and insights in a visually captivating manner.

Explainer Infographic Animations

Complex concepts are simplified through animated visuals, text, and narration, making information more concise and engaging.

Animated Infographic Stories

Engaging narratives and animated storytelling elements in infographics utilize motion, characters, and scenes to convey information in a memorable and compelling way.

Blending traditional and digital animation techniques for a unique visual style.
Hybrid Animation

Blending traditional hand-drawn animation techniques with digital tools and software, creating a seamless blend of classic and contemporary animation styles.

Paper Animation

Animating paper cut-outs or drawings through manipulation and movement infuses the animation with a distinct tactile quality and visual charm.

Puppet Animation

Breathing life into characters by manipulating puppets or puppet-like objects, meticulously animating them frame by frame for fluid and expressive motion.

Digital Cel Animation

Utilizing digital techniques to emulate the essence of traditional cel animation, featuring well-defined character outlines and vibrant, solid colors.

Hand-Drawn Cel Animation

Embracing the time-honored approach of hand-drawing individual frames on cels, resulting in a timeless and iconic animation style.

Experimental Animation

Pushing the boundaries of conventional cel animation, exploring innovative techniques and styles to create visually unique and artistically captivating animations.

Our versatility in animation services allows us to cater to diverse industries in the most engaging and creative ways. We are:


Ensuring the animation always resonates with the target audience for conveying emotions and narratives.

Paying meticulous attention to detail when animating to ensure immersive visual experiences.

Delivering exceptional visual effects to bring concepts to life in advertisements, films, and other media.

Transforming complex information and data into easy-to-understand imagery to effectively communicate brand messages.

Adding depth, movement, and visual interest to static images elevates brand identities.

Maintaining open lines of communication to incorporate maximum client feedback, ensuring greater satisfaction.




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