Election & Constituency Management System

Mera Halqa is a complete solution that helps contesting candidates of an election & manage their constituencies in a better way post-election.

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Mera Halqa As a Solution

Contesting candidates in Pakistani elections often feel a significant disconnect between themselves and their voters. The primary reason is that the voter’s concerns aren’t effectively conveyed to the contesting candidate. Additionally, a critical factor lacking for a practical understanding of the pulse of the constituency is the constant visibility of critical problems that the constituents face.

Things You Need to                   Know About Mera Halqa

Things You Need to Know About Mera Halqa

Election and Constituency Management System

Without sufficient knowledge of the primary touchpoints, a contesting candidate can’t run a successful campaign. Sybrid utilizes its resources to help you gather and analyze data, which maximizes election performance.

Election and Constituency Management System

What is Mera Halqa?

It’s a one-stop solution for effectively bridging the gap between candidates and voters. The information gathered is filtered extensively to leave behind the pain points of the constituents to become known to the candidates. It’s also relayed to UC representatives who draw up possible solutions. Furthermore, we also equip candidates with pertinent information by making follow-up calls to constituents to confirm whether their complaints have been dealt with.

Our Achievements So Far

Mera Halqa was utilized on several seats during 2018, 2022, and the bi-election. During this time, Sybrid ensured 100 percent of outbound calls (approximately 200 thousand calls over two weeks) to relevant voters in the respective constituencies. Alongside this, we connected with the voter base to galvanize them to cast their vote.

Services We Provide
  • Gender bifurcation
  • Age demographics
  • Residents who registered themselves for voting
  • Inclination of the constituency’s residents towards a particular candidate
Election and Constituency Management System
Election and Constituency Management System

The Process We Follow

  • Acquiring contact details of constituency residents.
  • Making outbound calls to residents to gather different data points and foreground the client candidate’s views of the voter base.
  • Communicating issue resolution status feedback to the citizens, ensuring their voices have been heard and acted upon.
  • Gathering the constituent’s grievances regarding their respective constituencies about municipality, law & order, power issues, education, health, and human rights.
  • Relaying residents’ complaints to the relevant departments for issues’ rectification.

What’s in it for You?

Mera Halqa instills the reliability of client candidates in the citizens by gathering actionable information and apprising relevant authorities to act upon them. Secondly, it performs another resolution status feedback communication, updating citizens on whether or not their complaints have been registered. This accounts for the citizen’s positive opinions swaying towards the client candidates. Thirdly, it fills the void for effective engagement by reaching out to clients directly and gaining insights.

Election and Constituency Management System

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