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Sybrid takes immense pride in being the market's leading BPO and technology company. We offer outsourcing services to startups, medium-sized businesses, and giant corporations. How are you handling your callers?

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In today’s competitive market, businesses that fail to prioritize the needs of their customers are often faced with challenges concerning business continuity. Support should be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure customer loyalty and retention.

But you need not dedicate your in-house resources to customer support; Sybrid allows you to outsource contact center services.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Outsourcing your contact center can help improve your performance, streamline business processes, reduce errors, and minimize the cost of operation. Here’s a list of services that can fulfill your customer’s demand for real-time support.

bpo and call center contact center

Inbound Calls

As a brand, you must allocate resources for handling incoming calls and catering to customers in real time. This is the customers, or prospective clients’ attempt to initiate contact with your business; hence it must be addressed with the utmost professionalism to cast a good first impression. With Sybrid’s multilingual inbound call services, you can strengthen relationships, build confidence, reap better profits, boost customer satisfaction rates and offer practical solutions for queries.

Outbound Calls

This is a crucial business operations function requiring sales representatives or customer support agents to call third parties. It widens the brand reach as you can approach your target audience, introduce your product or service, and encourage prospects to convert.

Why consider expansion when you outsource outbound call services to Sybrid? We offer outbound call services of the following types: telemarketing, advisory, customer service, sales, lead generation, and survey calls.

bpo and call center contact center
bpo and call center contact center


Leveraging our outstanding persuading skills and in-depth knowledge of the human psyche and consumer behavior, our call center professionals guarantee your brand’s sales reach the target level multiple times during the tenure.

What are the benefits of availing Sybrid’s telemarketing services? You can switch between B2B and B2C services, your scripts are vetted through A/B testing or split testing, and you’re assisted by highly trained and multilingual agents that provide regular updates.

Email and Chat Support

Email and chat customer service are crucial for all modern businesses; this includes building an email list for targeting audiences and engaging customers that visit your website via a live chat platform.

Sybrid offers state-of-the-art email and chat support that’s continually updated and improved to serve your customers better. We take full responsibility for customer management so you can focus on your bottom line.

bpo and call center contact center
bpo and call center contact center

Live Chat

Would you prefer a chatbot or a human answering your live chat portal? Sybrid offers contact center services to enlighten inquiring parties with product information, service details, and any other assistance consumers may require.

This service makes it easy to ensure that you’re forming long-lasting relationships with your customers. Additionally, outsourcing allows you to dedicate your employee’s entrepreneurial skills to the core operations of your business.

SMS Support

Sending an SMS with a regular number barely retrieves any fruitful customer responses. The correct way of SMS marketing is sending texts with the brand name, which ensures that the message has been delivered from a credible source.

Sybrid offers companies short- and long-code solutions, including handling product complaints, Q&A sessions with corporate expert teams, scratch card redemption, receiving callbacks from customers, and using operators to reach the target audience directly.

bpo and call center contact center
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