Over the years, Sybrid has become a specialised center for restaurants and fast food chains enterprises, managing their business line of delivering their food products to the customers, ranging from contact center support to digital services to providing technology solutions to manage the telephony, customers management, orders, retail, POS, inventory, reporting, analytics and outreach through non-contact center channels.

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Our Edge

Sybrid believes that its core value proposition is the comprehensive suite of services it offers to the food enterprises, from service to technology products, making it a one-stop shop for them. This enables the food enterprises to focus on their core business functions like food products and its quality, makes their operations simpler and efficient by having to deal with one organisation for all its ‘remote’ customers outreach and most importantly, enables Sybrid to offer higher valued services as it manages all related functions under one roof. It is a win-win for both food enterprises as well as Sybrid.

It is felt imperative that Sybrid packages its suite of services and products for the food enterprises formally as a Solution offered to the industry, helping better marketing and outreach and a common framework to work with its clients, and also the food enterprises to better formally understand the value proposition of Sybrid from the outset and structuring the relationship accordingly.


We need to leverage our understanding and experience of operations and relationship with food chains over the years, and see the best way to offer this Solution. Following are the key components of the Solution:

Customer Services

1. Inbound voice call management (information, order taking, complaints management, suggestions)
2. Outbound voice call management (sales, surveys, follow-up, campaigns, sales, coordination)
3. Client Email management and processing
4. Quality evaluation and control services
5. Daily, weekly and monthly operational reporting, trends and analytics
6. Development of customer focused processes and systems

Technology Products

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
2. Syvox - Syhox : Sybrid’s IP-PABX telephony solution
3. Order Taking System
4. Point of Sales System
5. Stores Inventory Management System
6. SyDesk : Sybrid’s Help Desk solution

IT Services

1. Customised hosting services, and engineering support
2. Call Recording
3. Live remote in-call listening
4. Website or order management portal development and maintenance
5. Maintenance of all all deployed applications
6. IVT development and deployment

Digital Marketing Services

1. Social media management
2. SMS marketing (one-way and two-way)
3. Robocalls marketing (one-way and two-way)
4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
5. Set up SMS masking numbers with PTA

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