Derived from industry-leading frameworks, expertise, and technologies, FORT Post monitors your cyber network for security-related events. Real-time detection of cyber threats and data breaches can significantly reduce company downtime.

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Cybersecurity Monitoring with FORT Post

Businesses must continuously observe their systems to detect real-time data breaches, security misconfigurations, and other system vulnerabilities. FORT Post tracks adversaries and tackles malware before it infects assets.

Avail services of penetration testing, governance, risk & compliance, secure architecture, and secure software development. Discover how far an attack may penetrate or what actions can be taken to counter a threat.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Sybrid presents a solution that readily facilitates proactive approaches that identify system vulnerabilities and check application and network services compliance. FORT Post provides context, intelligence, and situational visibility of a network.

cyber security services

Packet Analyzer

The packet analyzer (aka network analyzer, protocol analyzer, and packet sniffer) enables handlers to download and view PCAP files and transcripts. The dashboard is pre-configured to pivot to PCAP folders for retrieving full packet capture. It captures network traffic with complete visibility to analyze it in detail.

Frequently, the process requires additional space; hence, the FORT Post solution is presented with fine tunning and prioritizing techniques that overcome storage issues.

NIDS & HIDS, Network-Based & Host-Based Analyzers

The Network-based Intrusion Detection System and Host Intrusion Detection System provide network traffic and host systems services, respectively. It’s a rule-based system that captures fingerprints from network traffic to identify malicious, anomalous, or suspicious traffic.

Additionally, the endpoint security allows it to perform log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting, and active response. Correlating network-based and host-based events can help an analyst successfully identify an attack in real time.

cyber security services
cyber security services

Analysis Tools

An analysis tool offers a single GUI over which an analyst can view network-based and host-based events to measure the severity of an event, its impact, and eradication as a response to the incident.

Additionally, it provides network-level visibility and presents events as per the time series representation, i.e., weighted and logically grouped result sets paired with geo-mapping of the IPs. It also pivots packet analyzers to view insights into the packet.

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