Front Office Management

When the front office and front desk are managed correctly, a medical service can flow smoothly. This is where everything is sorted out into neat, manageable chunks in order to give everyone a fair chance. Without a workable and efficient front office experience, the patients at any medical service would soon taper off.
Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your front office management. With less of a buildup, you reduce both your financial and social costs. Go professional with your front desk, and there’d be no reason to look back.

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Why Do You Need a Front Desk Management Service?

Sure, the front desk or front office isn’t really a part of your esteemed medical practice. The minds behind this task don’t have to be certified or undergo medical training. However, this is the department that could make or break your practice.

Let’s see what happens when the front office is working perfectly:

  • Entering patient information correctly each time can up a medical practice’s revenue by 20%.
  • Answering every phone call, following up, calling up no-shows, and other handling practices at the front office could up your revenue by around 25% to 35%.
  • Health insurance checks would enhance a practice’s reputation, trustworthiness, revenue, and productivity at the same time.

Hence, streamline your front desk processes and see the returns rolling in from today!

Managing Calls

Phone calls from patients are where it all starts. We’ll manage the routine calls that come in and schedule everything required. With Sybrid MD on the job, you can be sure there’d be no clashes and no overbookings.

Appointment Confirmations

When patients receive a confirmation call, they’re more likely to show up. Thus, our confirmation service would significantly reduce your no-show rate.

Recalls and Follow-Ups

We’ll schedule the next visit for your loyal patients and track these new appointments for you.

Insurance Eligibility Management

We’d get the eligibility verification you need from insurance companies before the patient arrives. This way, there’d be fewer insurance denials.


Payment Management

Any co-pays, deductibles, or other kinds of payment become part of the scheduling software we provide. You’d never overcharge or undercharge again.

Patient Surveys

We’ll make sure to understand your patient details and forward them to you.

Monthly Reports

We’ll gather the stats on your status and show them to you monthly. You’d be able to see the common complaints, number of appointments, number of calls, etc.

Call Quality

We record every call our virtual staff at the front desk makes or receives. These are kept in storage for 3 months, so you can obtain them as required.