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The medical market right now has a huge workload that can make physicians and other medical staff quite overwhelmed. Again, there’s no need to be overburdened when you can outsource to Sybrid!
We’ll take the pressure off any medical practice that needs some experts helping them out. Whether it’s by providing solutions to Accountable Care Organizations or offering reliable management for your front office, Sybrid would make sure to do away with any revenue loss and enhance your business flow. To this end, we offer the following services for several types of businesses.

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Management Services

Sybrid’s excellent management services are all ready to make your medical practice a whole lot easier. We’ll make the follow-up calls for you, handle patient payments, patient phone calls and insurance eligibility checks, and conduct regular reports, appointment confirmations and patient surveys for your business. Our services also include call recording and call monitoring for compliance and auditing purposes.

The teams at Sybrid pride themselves on their huge area of expertise, as well as their time spent in this particular field. We’ve been serving more than a hundred practices based in the United States. Overall, our experience spans over a decade.

Medical Billing Services

The medical billing services at Sybrid accurately use ICD-10 codes and provide claim scrubbing for insurance validation. We get in touch with relevant companies and look up patient information for you. This would ensure that you only fulfill claims that are genuine and absolutely accurate. That’s all we’ll ever submit to you; the outliers would be automatically filtered out. Our professional team is highly experienced and familiar with medical billing. They would make sure all requirements from payers are met. The team would also ensure service providers are properly reimbursed.

In order to make the reimbursements easier, we at Sybrid have revolutionized the approach to small and medium-sized medical practices. Our Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management Services would allow any such practices to handle claims in a rapid, clean, simple, and affordable manner.


Sybrid offers transcription services via its team of professional transcribers, proofreaders and customer support specialists. These transcription services are aimed at businesses, contact centers, research facilities, medical centers and educational organizations.

. Sybrid takes pride in its quality management system that ensures quality review and inspection at each stage, thereby producing an error-free output. Our teams of experts come from diverse academic backgrounds and strive to provide the finest quality through each piece of work. Prior to bringing each expert on-board, a rigorous session of training and assessment is carried out in order to ensure that the best candidates work with you. The purpose of this precise screening is to hire the perfect individual. Even after training, these experts acquire various certifications to nurture their expertise further
What we promise?
• 100% accuracy
• Wide expertise
• Unmatched pricing
• Exceptional quality

Medical Coding Services

There are too many issues that many practices face when it comes to payments. These include the likes of self-paying patients and complex legislative mandates, which cause problems in the revenues and even compliance. One common issue is that a practice does not have a dedicated team of professionals looking after the medical coding department or even the right type of software.

One way to go about it is to hire experts to do the job for you so that your compliance and revenue systems are optimized. If you hire us to do the job for you, rest assured you will have a panel of experts doing the billing and coding for you. We will ensure that there are no delays, claim submissions are streamlined, and all administrative tasks are cost- and time-effective.

The advantages you will be receiving from us are:

  • Dedicated and expert coders who will be handling your account
  • Tailor-made protocols and polices
  • A proper workflow that ensures all codes, statuses and records are tracked
  • A versatile engine that ensures the support of compliance and accurate code assignment
  • Automatic charge entry system so that there is no need for manual entries
  • A process to point out all documentation problems

Medical Credentialing Services

When you do your medical credentialing you are basically affiliating yourself with insurance companies so that the insurance that your patients have can be used as a form of payment at your practice. These days having medical credentialing are essential as it is one of the most preferred forms of payment and most choose a practice on that basis.

The only issue is that it is a long process and can serve as a distraction as well; which is why many practices prefer to hire someone to do the hard work for them. we offer one of the best medical credentialing services that you can find and you will not have to fill out any long forms of waste time doing so as all that will be done for you.

Front Office Management

One of the main issues that any practice needs to handle efficiently is taking care of the front office. That is where all the important stuff is handled, such as the patient files and information and cash. A place that cannot manage their front office is bound to fail in the future. However, for a physician, it might not be easy to take care of the desk while handling the patient as well; it can waste so much time.

A good way to go about it is to hire someone to handle the front desk for you. Luckily enough, we offer some of the best front office management services. For us, your patient intake is the highest priority.