Highest Score in Green Office Audit 2021

By October 6, 2021 No Comments

Sybrid Green OfficePollution caused by humans is a major cause of disastrous changes in the atmosphere. The impact can be seen in the form of increasing natural disasters and extreme weather conditions in almost every part of the world. These destructive conditions have finally made residents of the planet realize that they need to pay attention towards their actions which, although are intended towards growth and prosperity, but ultimately lead to destruction.

Being a socially responsible organization, Sybrid took the responsibility of eliminating all undesirable impact on the Earth’s climate that may be caused by its business processes. It has partnered with WWF – Pakistan, an international organization working to improve human impact on the environment. Sybrid’s journey towards sustainability started in July 2018 and the cause has now become an integral part of the organization’s culture. Despite the pandemic, Sybrid continued its efforts via adaptable trainings and campaigns for employees.

In the Green Office Surveillance audit conducted on 29th September 2021, Sybrid once again proved its commitment towards the environment and society, and achieved the highest score throughout the journey. The representatives of WWF-Pakistan appreciated Sybrid’s efforts and mentioned that Sybrid serves as an example for service industries. They further said that Sybrid has proved that if one is genuinely willing to bring about a change, they find the way to do so and complimented the organization for its innovative and unique initiatives.

The CSO of Sybrid Mr. Shamoon Haider addressed the closing meeting of the audit and mentioned:

“I am glad that even in the pandemic situation Sybrid continued its commitment and took all possible initiatives for the reduction of its carbon footprint on the environment. The continuous awareness by the Sybrid GO team and commitment of our colleagues is the actual strength that enabled Sybrid to achieve these scores in green office audit. We as a team believe in bringing improvement and will always be there to serve the nature.”

All the initiatives taken by Sybrid are not just limited to office premises, but we also spread awareness and encourage our colleagues to adopt sustainable practices in their routine life.