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ICE Animations is a well-seasoned VFX and animation house in Pakistan, equipped with an advanced infrastructure to guarantee long-term data retention, swift transfer of deliverables, and optimal customer satisfaction. Our experts utilize edge-cutting technology and tools to remain compliant with the recent developments in the industry, especially that associated with 2D animation, 3D animation, visual FX, and editing/post-production.

During our years in service, we’ve received multiple awards for our work in Hollywood feature films, international television commercials, and animated television shows. Our most notable wins include Best in Animation at the P@SHA ICT Awards 2014, 2015, and 2016, Best VFX for Big Ass Spider! at Saturn Award and S+F Award, and Best VFX for WAAR at ARY Award.

vfx and animation house

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions

Producing high-quality 2D and 3D animations that are time and cost-efficient
TV Shows

The increased investment gives new life to animated TV shows that may have once failed to find a suitable spot. Conquer media with animations.

Feature Films

What’s entertainment without animation? Produce a feature film that captivates the audience and keeps them invested until the show’s end.

TV Commercials

Pursuing our love for advertisements, we’ve collaborated with leading brands in Pakistan to produce the best TV commercials of all time.

Post-production talks about editing, color grading, and visual effects for creating a story.

The art of cutting and assembling a finished film to blend the sound and images gets the audience emotionally invested in the film.

Retouching / Compositing

Retouching refers to manipulating images to change the look, whereas compositing refers to combining two video sources into a single video.

Creating and manipulating imagery outside the context of a live-action shot
Feature Films

ICE Animations has delivered hundreds of VFX shots to renowned feature films produced locally and internationally.

Appeal to your audience’s emotions with powerful music, impactful text, and strong imagery a real treat for their eyes!


Ensuring terabytes of storage with automated backups to magnetic tapes

Providing long-term data retention capabilities with backups as required

Guaranteeing swift transfer of deliverables to clients

Communicating with clients to understand project objectives and expected outcomes

Strategically planning the layout of the script and appearance of the storyboard

Working with a team of 150 artists to perfect video animations




Client Retention




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Experience the state-of-the-art facilities

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