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Our experts look forward to catering to your organization with end-to-end solutions that improve infrastructure performance significantly. Avail managed services that handle processes and functions of specialized applications.

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Outsourcing Day-To-Day Management Responsibilities

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At Sybrid, we constantly strive to develop systems and devices that optimize processes.

Our managed services are designed to provide resources and sought-after solutions to clients. Offloading general tasks significantly improves service quality, reduces costs, and frees internal teams to perform tasks specific to their business. Consult our experts to decide which management tasks you could be outsourcing.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Sybrid’s approach to improving infrastructure performance guarantees a robust system running with upgraded competence. Our array of technological solutions is presented in the form of custom software development and in-house management services.

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Security Surveillance System

We’ve designed an innovative solution for security, surveillance, and more. It serves all business models seeking reliable systems for their work premises. The Innovative Security Surveillance (IS2) system comprises analog and IP-based technology, behavioral analytics, and automatic number plate recognition features that facilitate management.

The system includes analog cameras, DVR, IP-based cameras, server-based NVRs, standalone NVRs, video analytics, and video encoders.

ICT Services

From monitoring and management to operations and reporting, Sybrid offers an assortment of information and communication technology-related managed services to diverse industries. Our services include transmitting, processing, storing, creating, sharing, or exchanging data by electronic mediums.

For this reason, we’ve remained the top choice of market leaders, and we have established premium partnerships across Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

managed services providers
managed services providers

Fire Safety Services

Fire protection guarantees minimal risk within the business premises. While fire safety is of the highest importance in most buildings, you can’t make do without it in the workplace if you wish to keep your assets and employees safe around the clock.

Because two are better than one, our alarm system is embedded into a conventional fire detection system for risk mitigation in the initial phases in case of a fire.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Sybrid Private Limited also extends its managed services to vehicle tracking solutions. Its myriad tracking possibilities make our tracking facility different from all others in the marketplace. It’s a software system that monitors the location of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles used to carry goods around town. In comparison to traditional vehicle tracking systems, we’re constantly making efforts to make locating lost cars easier.

managed services providers
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