Managed Services

Sybrid specializes in providing an array of technological solutions in the form of in-house management services and custom software development. Sybrid Managed Services have been designed to provide the required resources and sought-after solutions to clients when it comes to deciding which management areas and tasks to outsource. Sybrid is your savior when it comes to optimizing processes and systems, be it the entire IT infrastructure of your firm or specific parts.

In addition to improving infrastructure performance, Sybrid promises to ensure a robust system, which runs with upgraded competence.

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Security Surveillance System

This is yet another innovation in the field of security and surveillance where Sybrid has designed a one-stop solution for all clients looking for reliable surveillance options for their business premises. In the security category, Sybrid has introduced an Innovative Security Surveillance (IS2) system that incorporates behavior analytics, analog and IP-based technology and automatic number plate recognition. The system comes with the following essential components:

  • Analog cameras
  • DVR
  • IP-based cameras
  • Standalone NVR
  • Server-based NVRs
  • Video encoder
  • Video analytics

ICT Services

Sybrid provides an assortment of managed services from monitoring, management and operations all the way to reporting to serve different industries. Sybrid has been the number 1 choice of giants in the market and has taken lead as the premium partner of eminent leaders across various industries, IT included.

Fire Safety Services

Another managed service provided by Sybrid includes fire protection. The system for safety against fire has been manufactured such that an alarm system is embedded along with a conventional fire detection system to ensure risk mitigation at the initial stage in case of a fire. This complete fire protection solution from Sybrid ensures minimal risk within business premises.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Lastly, a vehicle tracking solution comes as part of the entire package of managed services extended by Sybrid. What makes Sybrid’s tracking technology stand out from other tracking systems available in the marketplace is its myriad of tracking possibilities. Moreover, tracking a lost vehicle has become easier, relative to the other traditional systems.