Market Research

No company can survive in this modern age without conducting the right market research. With the right effort, time, and even financial investment, companies can stand to learn a great deal about the market and decide their actions accordingly.
No man is an island, and no company is an island either. We at Sybrid would make sure to connect you with related businesses so that you learn from your competitors and even find ways to collaborate with them. What’s more, we’d even be letting you in on the secrets of the industry, which could shoot you to the top of the market in no time!
Customers are also a huge part of the market research for any kind of company. Without the knowledge of what customers want, what their values are, and what they're looking for in a product or service, one cannot hope to make many sales. You have to keep marketing and advertising, but doing so in a knowledgeable manner would make these actions all the more effective. Take the research away, and there’s very little chance of getting your company activities straight.

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Gaining Insights

Making decisions is a huge part of running any business. For instance, what kind of product do you market first? Which colors should it come in? What material should it be made of? How should it be marketed to the target audience? What even is the target audience for this particular product?
All of these are pressing questions that cannot be answered without some real insight into the market. Without answering these questions, you won’t be able to move forward in the market either. With our market research services, you can get these insights and make some real, informed, and wise decisions.

Research Methods

Sybrid services use several research methods in order to conduct a holistic market research for its clients. To this end, we use CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview), CAWI (Web), and CAPI (Personal). These three methods combine to get us the most comprehensive insights and valuable problem-solving skills.

Brand Health Check

Market research also provides a way for you to check up on the status of your brand’s health. This would help you decide whether you need some rebranding strategies or just a way to refresh your customer’s memories.


Sybrid’s market research services are user-friendly and do not require any coding knowledge. We use several different methodologies that everyone can utilize in order to analyze client satisfaction parameters. This would make sure that customers can give their views on the staff, complaints, pricing, product performance, and how the product compares with those of competitors.

Mystery Caller

Just one of our many automated services includes a modification of the mystery shopper technique. This is a quality control method that involves us testing out our agents by calling them up ourselves and seeing if their performance is up to our standards.
Finally, we make use of satisfaction scores, performance tracking reports, and automated audio recordings in order to make sure everything is perfect for our clients’ businesses.


Market research is necessary for any business. It ensures that you stay ahead of the curve. One aspect of market research is surveying customers and charting down trends regarding consumer behavior. Here at Sybrid, we take on this responsibility. Our market research team conducts surveys of customers across an array of platforms. Whether it be online surveys or recorded interviews, we employ the best practices when doing them. We use methods like CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview), CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing), and CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) to ensure the reliability of the research.

The results of the surveys are entered online for convenient data entry. Different statistical methods are then employed to derive trends from the results of the surveys.