Outbound Calls

Communication is key in today’s world. To build a good relationship with customers and strengthen their confidence in your company, it is vital to establish an effective communication channel. In order to get maximum results when it comes to communication, a wise move would always be to use a human voice as a medium of communication instead of an automated computer algorithm. Therefore, Sybrid offers outbound call services to help your company excel further.
With its outbound call services, Sybrid enables your company to be more productive by allowing your employees to tend to tasks that are better suited for their unique skills instead of doing monotonous work.

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Types of Outbound Call Services We Offer

Outbound calls are outgoing calls made by Sybrid on behalf of its clients for purposes that are defined clearly by the client beforehand. Outbound calls services constitute of several different types of services, some of which include telemarketing services, advisory calls, customer service calls, sales and fund-raising calls, calls made to update the client’s contact list, survey calls and verification calls.

Benefits of Our Outbound Call Services

Outsourcing your outbound call services to Sybrid will give you an edge over competitors when comparing operational costs. Joining hands with Sybrid will not only lead to cost reduction for your company as a whole, but it will also lead to the company achieving economy of scale in the long term. This would be possible due to the increase in productivity levels of your firm and the declining average cost per unit due to the company putting its staff to work other than making outgoing calls with sales pitches, surveys, etc.

About Our Agents

Our call center agents speak a diverse range of languages, enabling us to serve customers from various parts of the world. Our software system offers real-time monitoring of calls, call-recording services, reporting, and quality assurance services coupled with client input and service level agreement.
With an experience of over ten years, our agents are professionals when it comes to engaging customers and gaining their trust. Trained to deal with all kinds of customers, our agents are extremely flexible and easily adapt to the continuously growing customer needs and wants, staying up to date with the changing dynamics of our clients’ consumer base.
Sybrid’s outbound call service will enable your business to prosper and grow.