Peoplesware is a one-stop solution for human resource-related activities and requirements. Whether your employees are part time, contractual or permanent, Peoplesware can handle all type of workforce. Peoplesware covers all core activities such as recruiting, hiring, deploying, managing, monitoring and organizing a business workforce. There are many Human Resource Management Systems in the market but none are comparable and as versatile as Peoplesware.

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Given the vast array of activities that HRM encompasses, Peoplesware has been designed to handle all of these tedious and mundane tasks using an automated system. Imagine the time and paperwork that each of these HR activities requires for every new member in the business family!
Peoplesware performs all the necessary steps required in human resource management from start to the very end, ensuring alignment between employee management objectives and organizational objectives.

Peoplesware is the perfect choice for all businesses, big and small. It helps organizations formulate and design HR systems that organize and maintain data in a centralized database, provide valuable insights for enhanced HR intelligence, and help reduce admin overhead costs. This HRM system functions using embedded workflow, automatic alerts, stringent security protocols, and seamless configuration options to manage the workforce like never before.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs to Opt For Peoplesware

  • Peoplesware HRM Module offers a centralized database for maintaining essential and confidential data of all employees.
  • In addition to easy access to data, it allows for reduced paperwork.
  • An automated system works wonders for cutting overhead costs in the long run.
  • Peoplesware Time Management System (TMS) tracks time sheets for each employee on a daily basis, thereby making monitoring each one easier than it has ever been. Unplanned absences and sick leaves are catered for without additional paperwork.
  • Management systems such as Peoplesware are built for the cloud, hence allowing 24/7 accessibility, even from remote locations. Thus, even if you are travelling for important business conferences and meetings, you can easily access any and all essential data from the HRMS at any specified time of the day.
  • It can be customized to individual business needs and requirements. You don’t need to adapt to the system; it’s the system that adapts to the business environment and operations. Integration has never been simpler!


  • Flexible organization structure
  • Comprehensive employee profiles
  • Full employment records
  • Multiple working patterns
  • Training management
  • Compensation records
  • Record assets
  • Time Tracking
  • Legislative compliance
  • HR portal and social work spaces
  • Payroll Processing
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Built for the cloud
  • Modular and scalable
  • Remote accessibility
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