RapidCompute & Sybrid Mark Successful Implementation of New Ticketing System

By February 28, 2019 No Comments

Earlier this week, RapidCompute and Sybrid held a signing ceremony to mark the successful implementation of RapidCompute’s new cutting edge ticketing system, Sydesk.

Sydesk is the latest offering from Sybrid, one of the leading BPO and Technology companies with operations in Pakistan, UAE and USA. The solution primarily aims to improve customer satisfaction through a proactive approach in handling customer complaints and queries with the shortest possible response time.

RapidCompute is Pakistan’s leading local cloud service provider, powering mission-critical applications of hundreds of local enterprises through its IaaS cloud. The organization prides itself on offering great customer service to all its clients; and Sydesk enables them to consistently do that.

Mr. Imran Khan, Managing Director RapidCompute said;

Customer support is a core element in RapidCompute’s business strategy. We want our clients to feel they are much more than just another support ticket. Companies today are not merely interested in the product they are buying, but also how they are treated and how quickly their issues are resolved. Sydesk allows us to provide prompt customer service and achieve customer satisfaction, in a seamless and efficient manner.

Sydesk automates the three most essential components of customer care operations: ticket management, automation suites, and reporting & optimization. With the use of its automatic tools, agile reporting and analytics, the RapidCompute Support teams can now draft a knowledge base of the different types of customer complaints and queries for future references.

Mr. Ather Imran, CEO Sybrid added;

We are proud to partner up with the premium Cloud services provider of Pakistan. We have evolved over the years into a 360-degree solutions provider fulfilling customer care needs of our partners. Understanding the complexity and the requirements for a comprehensive and efficient support system for RapidCompute, Sydesk provides the depth and efficiency needed by the RapidCompute Technical Support team to meet its customer’s expectations.