Seminar on Integrating Generative AI into Cybersecurity Operations

Karachi, Pakistan – December 21, 2023 – Today, Cybersecurity and Generative AI converged at the “Cybersecurity Meets Generative AI: Automating Compliance Operations” seminar in Karachi. This session focused on the potential to revolutionize compliance operations through the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, addressing the foundations of cybersecurity compliance programs, the drawbacks of traditional approaches, and the transformative use of Language Model Models (LLMs) to automate compliance. The session was supervised by Rafae Bhatti, a renowned cybersecurity professional who is a Data Privacy Attorney and CISO specializing in balancing innovation and risk within the dynamic landscape of tech startups.

The event conducted by Sybrid offered hands-on training with a live demonstration of the compliance co-pilot tool, showcasing how companies can seamlessly automate compliance audits. Participants engaged in discussions on AI governance issues, fine-tuning of LLMs, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and a comparison between different AI applications.


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