Sybrid Academy Signed MoU with Skill Development Council to Work on Youth Development

Sybrid Academy has entered into a strategic partnership with Skill Development Council (SDC) with an aim to develop professional skills in Pakistan’s youth.

During the MoU signing ceremony, the CEO of Skill Development Council, Mr. Nazar Ali expressed gratitude to the team of Sybrid Academy for supporting SDC’s agenda of youth development. He also appreciated Sybrid Academy’s vision to create opportunities for youth and equip them with the right skills to excel in their career.

The CSO of Sybrid (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Shamoon Haider, considers this partnership a positive step in the right direction as it will meet the rising demand of a skilled workforce, which will eventually support Pakistan’s economic growth objectives. While highlighting the importance of this partnership, he said:

This collaboration will help students and fresh graduates to learn new skills and it will help them achieve excellence in their career.

During the event, the Head of Sybrid Academy, Mr. Salman Ahmed Khan expressed his feelings about this partnership and said:

Nowadays, the youth is unclear about their career goals. We see a lot of students applying for jobs that are not aligned to their education and skillset. This initiative of Sybrid Academy will provide guidance to the students and help them develop relevancy between the career and interests of individuals.

The representatives of Sybrid Academy and SDC hope that this partnership will benefit both the organizations as well as the youth of Pakistan achieve their objectives.

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