On January 10, 2024, Sybrid Pvt. Ltd. signed a MoU with Foundation University School of Science & Technology (FUSST) in Islamabad to build a strategic relationship and work together on research & development projects across IT and related fields.

Sybrid, a leading technology solutions company of Pakistan is committed to nurturing the growth of the youth and promoting strong industry-academia linkages. This collaboration with FUSST reflects Sybrid’s dedication to driving innovation within the industry while providing valuable opportunities for academic and practical advancement under its #SybridImpact program. Sybrid aims to provide internship opportunities to FUSST students as well as collaborate on joint research projects and facilitate faculty and students aimed at enhancing the educational experience and practical application for the students.

Ather Imran, CEO of Sybrid, emphasized the significance of societal contribution. He stated, “As an organization, it is imperative for us to contribute meaningfully to society. Collaborations of this nature are instrumental in driving positive change and fostering innovation within the IT domain through the synergies of expertise.”

This MoU marks the start of a promising relationship, fostering innovation and growth for both organizations.


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