Sybrid Empowers Youth in the Jahangir Khan PSA Satellite Series Squash Championship’23 in Karachi

Under the #SybridImpact program, Sybrid played a pivotal role in hosting the Jahangir Khan PSA Satellite Tournament in Karachi. The tournament provided a significant platform for aspiring players and athletes to showcase their talents on the big stage. Jahangir Khan, the legendary squash player also attended the tournament. 

The men’s final showcased a gripping display of skill and determination as Ammad Fareed faced off against a resilient opponent, Saddam ul Haq. In a nail-biting encounter lasting 52 minutes, Fareed demonstrated his prowess, clinching victory with a score of 11/13, 11/6, 11/7, 3/11, 12/10.

Ather Imran, CEO of Sybrid and ICE Animations, expressed his appreciation for the tournament. He stated, “The Jahangir Khan PSA Satellite Tournament exemplifies our commitment to fostering opportunities for aspiring athletes. Witnessing the passion and skill on display reinforces the importance of initiatives like #SybridImpact in shaping the future of sports. We are dedicated to contributing to the growth of sports in Pakistan and beyond.”


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