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Research suggests small business owners put in twice as much work as regular employees. By deploying technology, SME owners can automate routine tasks, leaving more time to focus on growth.

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While workflow automation can be adapted for businesses of any size and industry, it’s beneficial for small to medium enterprises looking to gain a competitive edge. With SME automation services from Sybrid, you can tailor automation around your financial goals to assist your customers, manage your employees, and organize workflow. Are you ready to get started on your custom software?

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


As a small business owner, you’ll find that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get all tasks done without any help. Technology makes processes less error-prone, more efficient, and notably time-saving.

SME automation services

Customized Software Development

Allow Sybrid to assess your business to address unique requirements for building custom software with exceptionally high scalability options. Because security is of utmost importance to users, we ensure that information (primarily of transactions) and processes are kept private and confidential.

Additionally, we ensure that each software is easy to use, integrable with other applications, and offers advanced reporting capabilities. This is an easy guarantee for long-term cost benefits!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the driving force for almost all businesses; hence, their identities must be secured and managed efficiently. With services from Sybrid, you can leverage the following:

  • Integration of customer profiles into applications for a hassle-free tracking
  • Proper lead management for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
  • Inputting sales performance, planning, and analytics
  • Order management and product content manufacturing
  • Evaluation of sales performance of teams
  • Customer billing, sales enablement, and advanced reporting
  • Comprehensive self-services
  • Customized dashboard for better task management
SME automation services
SME automation services

Employee Engagement

The software aids the HR department with core human resources operations. Firstly, it makes payroll management more efficient and effective. Secondly, it serves as a learning and development phase for employees by monitoring performance and ensuring compensations are based on performance.

Thirdly, it keeps track of resumes in the database to assist with recruiting and onboarding employees. Most importantly, it marks the in-out timing and attendance for employees to make up the paycheck.

Help Desk Management

Sybrid assists businesses of all sizes in facilitating new, existing, and potential customers. It’s a reliable software that delivers adequate information to customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction rates. This helps increase customer service quality and makes front desk systems more efficient.

In addition, the ticketing system allows you to track customers’ complaints and resolve them at the earliest. Its task delegation prompt ensures that the tasks are straightforward and well-aligned.

SME automation services
SME automation services

Finance And Accounting

Configuring financial aspects is of utmost importance when running a business as it determines whether the venture will result in profit or loss. It’s imperative to manage your financial system by employing the latest bit of technology from Sybrid.

Our finance and accounting suite tracks financials by recording payables and receivables in real-time and customizing invoices per suppliers and customers. This helps in the budgeting and management of vouchers and sales taxes.

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