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Customized Software Development

Customized software development means that we will be assessing your business so that we can address every unique business requirement that you may have so that we can develop software that will take care of it all. Other than that we will ensure that that user interface is easy to use and is made to your needs. As security is of utmost important we will make sure that the security is topnotch so all process and information is kept private and remains so as well.

We will ensure that the technology gives you quick and advanced reporting as well. The best part is that it will come with integration capacity with other applications. You will also receive higher scalability options compared to the other standard software applications that you find in the market. even though you may need to invest in this technology now, but we assure you that you will get long term cost benefits with it and, in order to enhance working, change in management options as well.

Customer Relationship Management – CRM

The way the technology is developed it will ensure that all your customers’ identities are secured and managed efficiently. Your customer’s profiles will also be integrated with other applications so that it is quicker and easier to use and you don’t have to go through any hassle of finding information.

To grow a company you need leads and to ensure that they turn into something fruitful our software promotes proper lead management and nurturing. You team members will also be able to use the software for sales planning, input their sales performance, and also analytics. One advantage that you will have is that the software will support various marketing such as B2B, B2C and even B2B2C. The software can also be designed in a way that the employees can use it for order management and product content. You can even evaluate your teams/companies sales performance with it.

Other things that you can manage with the software include customer billing, sales enablement and learning and advanced reporting. It will ensure that you have comprehensive self services too. The customized dashboard view will allow you to make various deals and take better care of your tasks.

Employee Engagement

The main department that will use this software is the human resources as it will help them with core human resources and the payroll; the management will be more efficient and effective at the same time. It will also serve as a learning and development phase for the employees.
Your team will be able to keep a better note of the performance of the employees with this software and it will also ensure that the compensation is made out to the right person according to their performance only.

The department will be better able to keep track of resumes which will in turn help them in recruiting the right help and also with the on-boarding that has to take place. Most of all your team will be better able to keep an eye on the timings of their employees and their attendance as well; no mistakes will be made especially when it comes to accounting those while making up the paychecks.

Help Desk Management

The software that you will be given will allow you to handle your customer base, which includes new, existing, and potential customers. The software is reliable and will help you enhance customer satisfaction and also ensure that the right information is shared within the company and with the customers as well. The customer service quality will increase, and you will also witness the front desk systems working more efficient.

There will be a ticketing system involved as well which will allow you to track your customers’ complaints and ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible. All your tasks will be done properly and the assignments will be made clear and task delegation more prompt; all these will be documented as well for future use.

Finance and Accounting

Your financials are of the utmost importance as they will determine whether the business goes in a loss or profit. This is why it is imperative that you take care of your financial system and keep it updated according to the technology. Our finance and accounting suit will ensure that you are able to keep a track of all your financials properly. You will be able to maintain the general ledger with the software and will also be able to record all account payable and receivables.

Invoicing can be customized as per the customer or supplier and will make the task quicker and smoother. You will also be able to manage your sales taxes with this software. To ensure that everything is going properly the software will help you track all the expenses and help in budgeting as well, this will in turn help cut costs. Lastly, you will be able to manage your vouchers with this system.