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Customer Services

For every new company it is essential to form a bond with the customers in the very beginning only as that turns them in to loyal/repeat customers. for that we offer inbound voice call management as we know you have to handle other matters, we will take care of order taking, complaints, suggestions and gather all the information provided.

Outbound call management is also offered by us in whom we perform various surveys, ensure sales, promote campaigns and also coordinate with suppliers or customers. Your client’s emails will be managed properly and ensured that each one is processed according to need.
Quality evaluation and control services will be carried out by us, and you can count on processes and systems that are developed keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

Digital Marketing

One of the fastest ways of getting your name out in the market is by using digital media efficiently. Our services for digital media include complete and proper social media management on various social platforms. SMS marketing which includes both one way and two way. We will also ensure that Robocalls are made as well to market your product.

Your website will be search engine optimized so that your name pops up when a customer searches for a product related to yours. We will also set up SMS masking numbers for you marketing campaigns with PTA. If you have an app, you will be provided with App Store Optimization as well. For all this we will first provide you with a complete digital marketing and outreach strategy.

Professional Services

To help you set up your business and the organization, we will help you in defining and also in designing all your organizations processes and policies (according to your and the company’s needs and goals). We will even help you in recruiting and hiring the right help for your company.
Other services will also include helping in costing and budgeting along with productization to ensure proper setup. With the help of thorough research you will also be provided with business plans and strategies which are fit for your company.

Special Offer

We understand that there are various budget restrictions for a startup, which is why we are happy to offer all these services in one package at a very competitive price. To ensure your growth in the future, we help startups ensure that all their customer engagement models and processes are streamlined.