Sybrid continues the legacy of being a Green Office certified in 2020

By January 20, 2020 No Comments

Sybrid continues to excel in bringing environmental change through its green office practices!

Our planet has faced five of the warmest years on record since 2010 due to largely increased carbon dioxide and other human-made pollution into the atmosphere. In 2019, we faced the second hottest year ever recorded in human history. Pakistan is among 10 countries that are most affected by climate change. Pakistan has faced around 150 anomaly weather incidents as a result of climate change in the past 20 years such as flash floods, smog in winter, extreme heatwaves, and landslides. Such destructive changes in the environment have made it crucial for every individual and organization to consider environmental pollution as a serious threat to human survival.

With versatile training & awareness activities, Sybrid executes its corporate social responsibilities by reducing the ecological footprint & promoting economic sustainability. In July 2018, Sybrid was awarded its first “Green Office” award by WWF Pakistan, an international organization, working for a reduction of human impact on the environment.

Sybrid achieved its highest score in Green Office Surveillance Audit conducted by WWF on 15th January 2020 and proved that not only did we just comply with best practices but also took aggressive actions against global carbon footprint, promote a sustainable lifestyle & mitigate climate change. We at Sybrid believe that sustainable practices not only help in boosting environment change but also boost employee productivity & infiltrates the environmental-friendly behaviors in their day to day life.

Ather Imran, CEO Sybrid, said on this occasion, “We at Sybrid and Lakson Group firmly believe that organizations have a responsibility towards their communities and environment. Developing a culture of sustainability and focus on our environment has not only helped us play our role for the community but also delivered immense value to our colleagues and partners. I am thrilled to have Sybrid certified again as Green Office, also with significant improvement from last year. This is now a company-wide initiative that is firmly ingrained in our culture and processes. My heartiest congrats to the entire Sybrid team and gratitude to WWF for helping us in our continuous journey of being a socially responsible organization.”

After achieving this milestone, the Green Office Program Leader Salman Ahmed Khan at Sybrid, talking on the occasion, “The journey is not over yet, we have miles to conquer together. Even a minor effort can create a big impact so keep taking initiatives and serve nature”.

The dynamic initiatives of Sybrid for the betterment of the environment are not only limited to office premises but the practices are conveyed by its employees in all walks of life, creating a progressive impact in society.