Sybrid enters into partnership with Arid University

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Sybrid enters into partnership with Arid University

Sybrid Pvt. (Ltd.), a premier technology solutions providing company and part of the prestigious Lakson Group of Companies has entered into partnership with the Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, a leading institution of agriculture and associated sciences. The partnership in the guise of ‘Agreement of Cooperation’ will see both parties taking joint initiatives to introduce digital interventions in the country’s agriculture sector, impacting the economic development of farmers and other stakeholders involved in the agricultural ecosystem of Pakistan.

As per the agreement’s scope, Sybrid and Arid University will conduct joint research and development projects, targeting the promotion of precision agriculture, leading to overall agriculture growth in the country. The agreement will also see transfer of technology for broader distribution and implementation among more people and places. There will be mutual support for the development of innovative technologies-based solutions to address agriculture sector-related challenges being faced by the country, especially in the Potohar region. The parties have also agreed to take joint steps for the promotion and adoption of data-driven agriculture in the country by sharing the available human resources along with the academic, technical and commercial resources.

The first step in this regard will see both parties working together to connect researchers and innovators with farmers, especially small scale farmers, to address their issues.