Sybrid Green Office PR | 03-September-2018

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In the last decade, Pakistan has witnessed, firsthand, the disastrous effects of climate change. Floods displaced millions and droughts in Thar and Balochistan portend the damage global warming can cause. Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city, faced a severe heat wave wherein 1,200 people lost their lives. In 2015, Pakistan joined the list of 19 countries where climate change is a big threat.

Considering its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sybrid is keen to provide sustainable agenda that incorporates its employees and community. Sybrid took the responsibility of its business impact on Earth’s climate and decided to make a difference. They partnered up with WWF Pakistan and signed up for their Green office program. Sybrid followed the best practices & requirements shared by WWF Pakistan and also had their organization certified through them.

“Environment friendliness is not limited to our operations” said Mr. Salman Ahmed, Manager QA & PMO |Sybrid (Pvt.) Ltd.“but our facilities are in constant pursuance of this trail. A reflection of our efforts is that. For achieving and maintaining this world renowned certificate, our Green Office Project Team selected and scrutinized three indicators during the year:  and, which were all found to be satisfactory by.”

Sybrid also pledged to begin all these activities in Islamabad and Lahore Office