Sybrid Private Limited Launches Corporate Innovation Center at Sukkur IBA University to Promote Innovation and Accelerate Entrepreneurship Culture in Sindh

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February 15, 2022
Sybrid Private Limited has partnered with Sukkur IBA University, to build a strategic relationship to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Sindh region, by establishing the Corporate Innovation Center (CIC) at Sukkur. This center contributes to the Sybrid’s strategic goal of building strong relations with Higher Education Institutes (HIEs) and to promote young talent throughout Pakistan.

Sybrid Private Limited – a Lakson Group Company, is one of the premier technology solutions companies in the country, providing integrated business solutions to various organisations around the globe. Along with delivering superior technology solutions, Sybrid also has an active role in strategic initiatives and contributing towards Pakistan’s prosperity by strong rooted connections with academic & research institutes.


Sukkur IBA University is one of the finest institutions of higher education in the country and creating great value for the progress and prosperity of the Pakistan and province of Sindh in particular by specialized courses and research in the fields of technology & management sciences.

Based on the alignment of visons of both Sybrid and Sukkur IBA university, the two organizations partnered to establish Corporate Innovation Center (CIC) at Sukkur IBA University to promote entrepreneurship and accelerate innovation in the domains of Agricultural & Food Technologies, Tourism, Cultural Products Developed in Sind, Communication & Media, Art & Design and Information Technology.

Mr. Ather Imran Nawaz, CEO, Sybrid along with Prof. Dr. Syed Mir Muhammad Shah, Vice Chancellor, Sukkur IBA University inaugurated the CIC along with notable officials from both organizations in a ceremony on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at Sukkur, Pakistan.

Mr. Ather Imran Nawaz, CEO, Sybrid expressed, “This center will play a pivotal role in accelerating innovation focussed on technology driven products and services in Sindh province and will contribute to Sybrid’s strategic goals of facilitating and building connection at hyper local level. Along with Sukkur IBA, we will be working to promote young talent and improve entrepreneurship in the region”.


Prof. Dr. Syed Mir Muhammad Shah, Vice Chancellor, Sukkur IBA University, added, “this collaboration is aimed to provide new growth opportunities to the young talent and promote SMEs and Sukkur IBA University with a vision to become a world-class university, will continue to support technology-oriented entrepreneurship programs to play a key role in the socio- economic development of the country”.


The CIC will serve as a platform for joint projects and initiatives with a core focus on AgriTech innovation, creating new products and services with particular reference to the Sindh region first, and then extending to entire Pakistan.

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