Sybrid Private Limited partners with Zaman Foundation (Sefam Group) to develop a crowdfunding technology platform

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Sybrid-Academy---PR-Image-Zaman-Foundation5th October 2020 – Sybrid Private Limited, a Lakson Group company, has joined hands with Zaman Foundation (Sefam Group) to develop a crowdsourcing technological platform called ‘Sab Saath’ to streamline their philanthropic endeavours.

Sybrid Is one of the premier technology solutions providers in the country, providing integrated business solutions to various organisations across the globe. Additionally, Sybrid as part of its vision of creating impact in the society, has been an active player in CSR initiatives and partnered with many organisations for philanthropic and sustainability goals.

Zaman Foundation, formed in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake, is a philanthropic organisation which is part of the prestigious Sefam Group (parent company to brands including Kayseria, Bareeze, Leisure Club amongst others). They empower underprivileged communities through various types of relief work which includes the education and healthcare sector. Throughout their 16+ years of existence, they have set up scholarships in schools, vocational centres, blood camps, soup kitchens, rashan programs and so much more. Most recently they were able to help 20,000 families and 200 hospitals families during the first wave of covid 19 with a unique system that connected those who needed help with those who wanted to help.

DSC03071Chief Executive Officer of Sybrid Ather Imran met with Chief Executive Officer of Zaman Foundation Omar Badi Uz Zaman and other representatives in Sybrid’s Islamabad office. The two organisations signed an agreement aiming to develop a crowdfunding platform (SabSaath). This platform will enable the Zaman Foundation to arrange urgent donations for deserving countrymen through crowdfunding.