Chitral is arguably home to some of the most talented individuals in the country, but unfortunately, these individuals lack the exposure and access to resources that would help the city and its people move forward.

Attending to its responsibility towards society, Sybrid sponsored a startup titled “Garam Chashma Recycling & Decors” which proved not only its worth but reflected the hard work, skill, and imagination of Chitral’s new generation of entrepreneurs.

The project aims to recycle the waste produced in the valley and turn it into consumable products.

It is a proud moment for Sybrid, that the startup was selected for the year 2020’s Annual National Project Competition at Dawood Engineering University, Karachi. The competition was held on the 21st & 22nd of February, 2020.

Sybrid takes its core values very seriously and makes sure to exercise them on every step of the way. This Project maintained its value of social responsibility towards the society, as the startup comprised of budding entrepreneurs hailing from an otherwise overlooked part of our country.

The students presented their project, “Garam Chashma Recycling & Decors” before Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail. He applauded the project, encouraged them and wished them success in their pursuit.

Sybrid & KPITB leading the way towards digital economy!
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