Sybrid Surpasses the Goal for McDonald’s #Bas10TakKaWait Campaign

By March 25, 2019 No Comments

14 May 2018 Pakistan – McDonald’s celebrated its McDelivery Day with its #Bas10TakKaWait campaign, which received an enthusiastic response, and Sybrid played a crucial role in the success of the campaign as McDonald’s premier customer service partner. Sybrid catered to the highest number of calls in a day in history of McDonald’s McDelivery, which is a tremendous achievement.

The #Bas10TakKaWait campaign offered a mega deal, which was a huge success and garnered innumerable orders. As McDonald’s customer service partner, Sybrid had a huge responsibility to accommodate this response for a successful campaign and ensuring a smooth service for McDonald’s McDelivery customers. Sybrid exceeded all targets by 60%, which is testament to not only the great success of the campaign but also the operational excellence, and commitment of Sybrid operational and support teams.

Sybrid runs its contact center operations using its industry leading Syvox product, its IP based call center telephony and reporting system, to provide customer support. Servicing record number of customer calls not only required operational excellence but also Syvox to handle the extreme load and volume in a scalable way, ensuring the customer experience is not affected while ensuring business continuity. Syvox product performed remarkably well without any glitch, which is also testament to our remarkable engineering and IT teams that have developed and manage its deployments.

About Sybrid: Sybrid Private Limited is a part of the Lakson Group of Companies and is a technological and outsourcing company with offices in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Its mission is to be a socially responsible BPO organization while providing state-of-the-art services.