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Launched in 2009, SybridMD is a full-service medical billing and credentialing company operating in 22 states across the United States of America. Collectively, our team has five decades of experience handling revenue cycle management of different specialties, such as cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, podiatry, radiation oncology, radiology, urology, allergy & immunology, and plastic surgery.

With the crisis in the medical marketplace, we aim to minimize the stressors associated with billing and increase cash flow by addressing reduced reimbursements. But partnering with SybridMD increases profitability. We currently cater to over 100 medical practices remotely with a robust operational strategy, efficiency, and comprehensive software that frees up resources and enables professionals to focus solely on patient care.

medical billing  and coding services

Quick Fixes for Healthcare Providers

Improve your patient’s experience with unified front office management
Insurance Eligibility Management

To assure zero insurance denials, it’s crucial to run a patient’s insurance eligibility verification prior to scheduling the visit.

Patient Appointment Calls

Properly managing and scheduling calls improves patient satisfaction by creating an empathic connection between the two parties.

Appointment Confirmation

Partnering with the billing team to decrease the patient no-show rate with a dedicated appointment confirmation and follow-up system.

Patient Follow Up Visits

Keeping a proper record of patient visits and ensuring follow-up visits aren’t missed by deploying SybridMD’s front desk solutions.

Patient Payment Collection

A system of integrated technologies that schedules patient visits, manages payment collection, and stores payment data at the front desk.

Feedback and Surveys

The most crucial part of fixing a problem is listening to the victim’s concerns. For this reason, we collect feedback to add value to your services.

Monthly AR Reports

Medical practices meet their revenue targets better with monthly reports that reveal information about revenue collection and patient visits.

Audit and Compliance

SybridMD’s front desk management is supervised with a periodic audit to ensure HIPAA standard compliance and seamless execution of processes.

Secure, fast, and affordable billing solutions that guarantee maximum reimbursements
Structured Charge Entry

Our systematic charge entry process guarantees accuracy through relevant checks at regular intervals. The results? Zero errors.

Fast Claim Submission

Our claim submission team is well-experienced in electronic and paper-based claim submissions to Medicaid, Medicare, and other major insurance carriers.

Reliable Claim Scrubbing

Errors in billing codes are the number one reason claims are rejected or denied. Our reliable claim scrubbing ensures accuracy before submission to payers.

Billing and Collections

Outstanding claims can hurt the revenue target of medical practices. Hence, we follow up with payers to collect payment claims timely.

Payment Posting Process

Drafting an account receivable report provides insights into the provider’s financial health. Additionally, it helps in identifying issues with performance.

Financial Statement Reports

Keep providers updated with periodic payment statements and reports, and follow up with insurance carriers (especially those exceeding 120 days) for timely payments.

Improving billing accuracy with comprehensive commands over ICD and CPT codes and modifiers
Medical Coding Solutions

Accurately transcribing clinical data, diagnoses, and procedures performed into codes to complete the medical billing cycle and collections.

CPT & ICD Coding

CPT codes give information regarding clinical procedures, whereas ICD codes testify against the transcription of the diagnosis. Together, they make a strong payment claim.

Coding Audits

Ensuring that the billing codes comply with the latest coding guidelines and regulatory requirements by checking for irregularities and accuracy with clearinghouses.

Clearing Coding Backlogs

Coding backlogs are often costly and devastating to the financial viability of healthcare facilities. Allow us to keep your backlogs clear!

Bye-bye credentialing woes. Hello, greater efficiency!
Credentialing & Re-credentialing

We check the accuracy of credentials received from healthcare practitioners and review them periodically for added verification.

Dedicated Team

We’re a team of trained individuals capable of completing credentialing details and submitting them to commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.


Ensuring compliance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS).

Crucial Follow-Ups

Ensuring all follow-ups are performed as intended for a smooth enrollment.

Portal Registrations

Creating and updating CAQH and PECOS credentialing portals.

Contracting Issues & Data Integrity

Resolving contracting issues and maintaining data integrity through audits.

Modify your workflow with tools and resources that add value to your practice
Who Are We?

Our team is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders and has an ongoing experience of more than 30 years.

What Do We Offer?

We speed up claims processes, minimize rejection rates, optimize cash flow, and provide optimum support to patients with HIPAA-compliant, technology-driven solutions.

Fast, affordable, and HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services for hospitals and clinics
No Restrictions, Just Expertise

Enabling solo practitioners, hospitals, and clinics to freely use our templates, unlike other medical transcription companies

Compliant, Not Consuming

Delivering pristine quality transcriptions within 24 hours while following HIPAA-compliant protocols for transfer of voice and transcribed files

Dictation Platform

Offering a dedicated toll-free telephone dictation platform for convenient and flexible dictations. The team later signs off on the transcript to ensure quality.


Our affordable 9-12 cents per 65 character line rates provide all required technology to physicians. There are no other service charges or hidden fees.

Telemedicine has become a viable part of care practices today.
Coding Telehealth Encounters

American Medical Association constantly updates its set of telemedicine billing codes. Compliance with these telehealth codes is necessary for medical practices.

Billing Charge Entry

Because information collection is heavily dependent on remote communication, billing for telehealth is subject to errors. Hence, double-checking the information is critical.

Telehealth Claim Scrubbing

Since communication occurs over interactive video and audio systems, we accurately transcribe clinical data and later move on to proofreading to eliminate errors.

Accurate Claim Submission

Checking the insurance eligibility of medical services to get reimbursements well in advance to submit claims within 48 hours of the claim preparation and scrubbing.

HIPAA Compliant Protection

Because telehealth services are subject to data hacks and breaches, SybridMD utilizes advanced encryption tools to protect billing and clinical data per HIPAA-compliant protocols.

Telehealth Payments

Concerned about methods and use of telehealth payment tools? Allow our skilled telehealth billing team to handle upfront collections, copays, and insurance reimbursements.

Digital Payment Posting

Recording patient details and payment collection status to maintain and post payments. Doing so also assists in aligning follow-up visits.

Collection Statements and Reports

Pairing weekly or monthly collection reports with the digital posting of payments gives a clear picture of account receivables. Let’s make the right decisions!

A company that understands your pain points and gets you paid faster
Our Core Strength

Following a pragmatic approach to resolving collection-related problems and empowering dental practices to receive timely payments.

Your Practices Growth Partner

Facilitating your practice’s growth and success so you can deliver excellence to your customers. We also ensure transparency for a high patient satisfaction score.

Why you should hire virtual medical assistants from SybridMD

Performing virtual screening beforehand allows physicians to cater to more patients per day.

Reduced Overall Expenses

Medical practitioners spend a substantial amount of time taking the patient’s history, significantly affecting revenue.

Optimizing Efficiency

Performing the basic screening before the patient visits the hospital or clinic significantly optimizes hospital operations, increases efficiency, and enhances patient experience.

Happier, Satisfied Patients

Trained medical virtual assistants accurately collect and record information needed to make a diagnosis or write a prescription, ensuring the patient is being cared for.

Are the altering healthcare laws negatively impacting your facility? Seek rapid growth in the healthcare industry with SybridMD.


Countering reduced reimbursements and the increased cost of delivering care.

Addressing EOB letters, receivables, collections, patient billing, insurance calls, and coding letters.

Presenting a comprehensive knowledge of clinical processes.

Eliminating the need for time-consuming data entry and providing accurate results in the shortest time.

Combining onshore and offshore resources with a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management services.

Streamlining medical practices to increase the patient base.




Client Retention





HIPAA Disciplined Certificate


Better Information. Better Health.

Optimize your medical practice’s processes today!

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