A helpdesk management system that manages customer care operations to assist businesses in efficiently resolving customer queries. Be it asset management, complaint management, or service management, we’re keen on perfecting your customers’ experience.

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An Edge-Cutting Ticketing System

Seamless Customer Care Services

SYDESK overcomes challenges associated with ticket resolution time via a comprehensive and customizable ticketing system. With efficiency, accuracy, tracking, and reporting features, it accounts for faster resolution with valuable insights, higher customer satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency. Additionally, it guarantees that the objectives are achieved per the defined standards on a daily or weekly basis using reports and analytic tools.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


SYDESK automates three crucial components of customer care operations: ticket management, animation suite, and reporting & optimization. It enables customer care representatives to timely manage and resolve customer grievances and issues.

customer relationship management (CRM)

Features Embedded in SYDESK

  1. Add private ticket notes, client notes, and more
  2. Custom labels, tags, and flags
  3. Custom ticket filters
  4. Custom ticket status, ticket type, and priority
  5. Email ticketing
  6. Outgoing email SMTP support
  7. Structures for ticket counts for companies, departments, and status
  8. Ticket lock for agents
  9. Time Tracking

What SYDESK Has to Offer

Help Desk Automation
  1. Auto ticket generation using email
  2. Ticket dispatch rules using workflow
Escalation Rules
  1. Apply SLA plans to single ticket, client, and department level
  2. Business hour schedule and holiday management
  3. Set up multiple SLA plans
  4. Ticket lock for agents
Knowledge Base Management
  1. Internal knowledge base for staff
  2. Knowledge base suggestions for staff and client portal
customer relationship management (CRM)
customer relationship management (CRM)

How Things Work

Mobile Platform Support
  1. Android app
  2. iOS app
Communication Forums
  1. Internal communication forum (chat)
  2. Notifications and alerts
  1. Integration with the billing system using APIs
  2. Integration with CRM and CMS software
  3. Integration with third-party tools

Does Your Business Need SYDESK?

SYDESK takes a proactive approach to handle customer complaints and queries within the shortest response time. It notifies customer care operators to assist customers with timely feedback at every query stage, which improves customer satisfaction.

The data accumulated with the help of analytics, agile reporting, and automatic tools can be used to draft a knowledge base for future references on handling different kinds of customer complaints and queries and further improving product quality.

customer relationship management (CRM)
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