SYDESK is a Helpdesk Management System that, like all other similar software, allows customer care (Service and Help desk) operators to manage and resolve customer grievances and issues. It is with the aid of this management software that an efficient and seamless customer care service can be provided to all business customers. In the simplest terms, this help desk software caters to anything and everything that falls under the umbrella of help desk services from complaint management and asset management all the way to service management. SYDESK automates the three most essential components of customer care operations, namely ticket management, automation suite, and reporting and optimization.

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  • Email ticketing
  • Ticket lock for agents
  • Outgoing email SMTP support
  • Time tracking
  • Custom ticket filters
  • Custom labels, tags and flags
  • Custom ticket status, ticket type and priority
  • Add private ticket notes and client notes and much more
  • Structures for ticket counts for companies, departments and status

Help Desk Automation

  • Ticket dispatch rules using workflow
  • Auto ticket generation using email

Escalation Rules

  • Set up multiple SLA plans
  • Business hour schedule and holiday management
  • Apply SLA plans to single ticket, client and department level
  • Ticket lock for agents

Knowledge Base Management

  • Internal knowledge base for staff
  • Knowledge base suggestion for staff and client portal
Mobile Platform Support

  • Android app
  • iOS app

Communication Forums

  • Internal communication forum (chat)
  • Notifications and alerts


  • Integration with the billing system using APIs
  • Integration with CRM and CMS software
  • Integration with third-party tools

Here’s Why Your Business Needs to Opt For SYDESK

SYDESK has been designed with the sole intention of improving customer satisfaction through a proactive approach to handling customer complaints and queries with the shortest possible response time. In addition to quick responses, SYDESK can help businesses assist customers throughout an issue with timely feedback on each stage. SYDESK is all that your business needs to provide prompt customer service and achieve maximum possible customer satisfaction.

With the use of SYDESK’s automatic tools, agile reporting and analytics can be used to draft knowledge base for future references on the different types of customer complaints and queries. This past knowledge pool can even help improve product quality.

Whenever a complaint is lodged, using the various automated features of SYDESK such as complaint ticketing and tagging, complaints may be sent to their desired resolution centers in real time for timely resolution.

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