In addition to the diverse range of outsourcing services Sybrid offers, we also provide clients telemarketing services at affordable prices.
Our call center agents are among the best performing professionals, giving phenomenal results when it comes to conversion rates and the number of sales made. With outstanding persuasive skills and extensive, in-depth knowledge regarding the human psyche and consumer behavior, our call center professionals will ensure that your company’s sales do not just reach the target level but go beyond that.

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Services We Provide

Sybrid provides its clients with two different kinds of telemarketing services: business-to-business (B2B) services and business-to-consumer (B2C) services. Our agents are highly skilled and will aid your company in increasing its customer retention ratio by forming a bond with your customers and adapting to their complex personalities. Sybrid’s outbound call center agents have approximately 16 years of experience in attending customer calls.
The nature of telemarketing call services that our agents mainly indulge in are complaint and issue resolution calls, billing and accounting inquiry calls, and general product support calls.
Making use of the top-notch technology that Sybrid offers, our team will integrate your CRM system with our IT system, thus introducing a call-back option for our agent in case the customer asks to be called at a later time. This merger of the data of the two systems allows agents to close more sales.
Our outbound call centers operate 24/7 and our agents make use of each passing second to its maximum, aiming to expand our clients’ customer base and pushing their firm’s sale figures above the expected sale target level.

Ensuring We Give You Our Very Best

Sybrid’s call center team is extremely flexible when it comes to adopting change and adjusting to any new strategic developments in terms of marketing. We will constantly stay in touch with you and keep updating you throughout our journey together.
Moreover, our agents are frequently put through rigorous training sessions to polish their skills and further improve them.
Our team usually drafts a list of qualified leads tailored to your business’s specific product(s) or service(s) being pitched to the customer. Having qualified leads listed down increases the probability of the call agent succeeding in closing the sale. In addition, we give our call agents scripts that have been subject to several rounds of A/B testing, also known as split testing, which involves using a particular type of script on fifty percent of the total number of outgoing calls and using a different script on the other half of outgoing calls. This enables our team to write up scripts that are refined and effectively worded in such a manner that they keep the respondent engaged and eventually persuade them to make a purchase.

Your needs are always our number one priority, and we will adapt our telemarketing services to your requirements.