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Welcome to Sybrid.com, which is a site intended to provide you the best experience for buying your desired products and services. The terms and conditions listed here determine the way you access the Sybrid.com site. By using this platform you agree that you are illegible by your age criteria, and if you are not, you have obtained guardian or parental consent to agree to the terms of use. If you don’t comply by the terms and conditions, then you’ll be considered as an unauthorized user. Following are the defined terms in the terms of use:

  • We refer to Sybrid.com as ‘the company, us, our, ourselves and we’. This also includes our suppliers, contractors, licensors, vendors, officers, directors, agents, and employees.
  • When we say ‘you, your, client or customer’, we refer to the person that is accessing Sybrid.com and is agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • When we say ‘content or data’ we refer to the product descriptions, merchandise information, reviews, messages, comments, data, suggestions, submissions, questions and materials that include images, page headers, text, logos, formats, photographs, icons, software programs, illustrations, designs, hashtags, video clips, and music clips.

All of these terms refer to the agreement and acceptance of the terms of use and they govern the way you access Sybrid.com. Your use of the site binds you to follow these terms and conditions and that is the reason we encourage you to go through these terms of use whenever you access our site.


This site is provided by Sybrid.com on an ‘as is’ basis. Following are the exclusions and limitations applied only to the extent permitted by law:

  • com makes no warranties or representations of any kinds, implied or expressed, as to the content, information, products or materials present on this site or the operation of the site or that are provided by any third party or affiliates. This includes any omissions or inaccuracies in the website’s content or the literature.
  • The damages or harms that arise due to the use of website which include any type of loss such as business loss, damage to your system, programs, or software. The company is not liable to any type of direct or indirect damage or loss which results in connection with the website.

However, if any loss or damage such as personal injury or death that is caused by the negligence of the company, it isn’t excluded. These are the limitations and exclusions that are permitted by law and we make sure that your rights as a consumer are not neglected or ignored.

Copyrights and Trademark:

Unless otherwise noted, all the content including the texts, images, designs, illustrations, photographs, icons, music and video clips, and other materials are part of Sybrid.com and are protected by the copyright laws. Any type of republication or redistribution of anything from this site is not allowed, except with the consent of the company. The company tries its best to be available but it doesn’t guarantee that the services will be error free or uninterrupted. By agreeing to this section you are liable that any da mage or loss caused to the company, its affiliates, or employees will be compensated by you.


Sybrid.com uses cookies to track the customers’ details and activities and this is done to improve the user experience. Like all the other major websites, we also use cookies to deliver a customized experience to the visitors. The cookies may or may not be used by some of our affiliates.

Log files:

Your IP address is not shared with any other company or the third parties and it is solely used for the purpose of customizing the experience. We use the IP addresses of our customers to track their movements, administer the site, analyze the trends, and collect demographic details for marketing purposes. The information related to referral URL, URL requested, browser type, and open mail is used for analyzing the usage patterns and for system administration and troubleshooting purposes. We never use your personal information except for the reasons stated here.

Links to and from the website:

You are not allowed to create any link to any of the page of this website without our permission. If you do so without our permission or written consent, you’ll be liable for all the exclusions and limitations that have been stated above in the disclaimer section.

Also, there are other links from the website which we don’t monitor or review. You should be aware that the reviews or opinion expressed on such sites may not necessarily be the ones practiced or endorsed by us because we are not the publisher of that content. We are not responsible for the terms and conditions and the privacy practices carried out by those websites that are linked from our website. For this reason, we always advise our customers to go through the privacy policy and terms of use of the websites that are linked from our platform. You should evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of any link before providing it with your personal information. Our company is thus not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to you because of the disclosure of your personal information to any of the links to the third parties from our website.

Disputes and arbitration:

Using or accessing Sybrid.com constitutes your agreement of the arbitration provision and you should read it carefully as it provides you that the company will waive any right to participate in a class action or file a lawsuit in court for matters within the terms of waiver. No waiver of the any of the provisions or of any terms of agreement will be effective unless it is signed by both the ends or is expressly stated.


We constantly update and review our website and systems to make sure that our customers’ privacy is protected. We are committed towards protecting the privacy of our customers and for that reason we will investigate any such matter that caused damaged to you through our platform. Your information is used by only the authorized employees and that too for providing good service to you. There are specific offenses created by the parliament to deal with the authorized actions and damage to the customers’ privacy.


Our customers’ and clients’ personal information is regarded as confidential and it won’t be used by any third party. If the client wants to see the copy of the personal information or any type of client’s record that we keep, he/she can request it; however, we still have the right to turn down the request. Where appropriate, we will provide the client with the related information according to the agreement or contract for the betterment of both ends. We will never share, sell, or rent your personal information that is confidential even to the third parties. The emails that you’ll receive will be only those that you have agreed to receive regarding the products or services of the company.


The terms and conditions are valid and effective until they are terminated by you or Sybrid.com. You can terminate the terms and conditions any time you want, if you wish to stop using or accessing the website. We can also terminate these terms of use anytime we want to and stop your access to the website, if you failed to comply by our terms of use. In terms of termination, you should destroy all the content that you obtained from Sybrid.com and the copies of any content which fall in the category of terms and condition.

Force Majeure:

If any event occurred that is beyond the control of any of the both parties (you and us), such as war, terrorism, act of god, earthquake, civil unrest, political insurgence, or others, neither of us will be liable for the failure to perform according to the terms of use. Any party that is affected by any such event will inform the other party and use all the methods to comply with the terms of use.


By using or accessing the website, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions listed here. If any of the terms and conditions are unenforceable or deemed invalid due to any reason, the provision will be given for those points only and the rest of the terms will be applied as they are. These terms of use represent the complete agreement between you and Sybrid.com. These terms of use shall not be used to create any joint venture, partnership, or franchisor-franchisee relationship between you and the company. The failure of Sybrid.com to act with respect to violation of these terms of use by you does not limit the company’s right and doesn’t constitute a waiver. We may transfer, assign, or sublicense any or all of your obligations or rights under these terms and conditions without restriction.

Notification of changes:

Sybrid.com has the right to change the terms and conditions anytime according to the need and if you continue to use the website, it means that you continue to agree to the terms and conditions too. We therefore advice our customers to keep viewing the terms of use from time to time, so that any type of bad experience is avoided.

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