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The Techware House has come a long way since its humble beginning. It now manages an enormous and varied computer hardware product database that includes components from prominent manufacturers and distributors. We’re motivated to adopt cutting-edge tools that better reflect the industry's commercial dynamics; hence, we assist in decision-making to ensure you receive the correct specs for your system on time.

Customers are sure to receive the lowest possible price from us as we negotiate with our vendors without compromising product quality. All products advertised on our website have been accurately categorized, giving customers the assurance they need to make a purchase from us. Additionally, our products undergo extensive testing before being sent out to customers. We’re committed to excellence and fair business practices.

Delivering Excellence in Computing Resources

Upgrading the computer hardware increases the security of the infrastructure. Not to forget, it’s also far quicker and more productive than older systems.
  • Data Media Tapes
  • Networking Devices
  • Storage
  • Accessories
  • Cables
  • Telecommunication
  • Desktops
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Monitors and Displays
  • Printers and Print Supplies
  • Power Management
  • Infection Control Products
Including new or enhanced software features improve usability, performance, and compatibility with partnering devices. Additionally, they patch security flaws in their entirety.
  • SMARTnet Services
  • Office Productivity
  • Operating System
  • Managed Services
Sharing tried and tested methodologies associated with cost savings, network architecture, and technology refreshes that thousands of our clients have invested in.
  • Hardware and Software Advisory
  • Assessment (IT Auditing)
  • Designing IT Infrastructures

Customize your system as per your information technology requirements with The Techware House. Let’s build a system!


Offering custom builds and configurations services with efficient product testing.

Introducing the best prices from our suppliers and manufacturers without compromising product quality.

Undergoing extensive testing before shipping goods and offering a money-back guarantee.

Making businesses profitable by converging the latest technologies to rapidly growing IT trends.

Meeting concept plan deliverables for extending the usefulness of older machines.

Enabling higher productivity in technologically advanced machines


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