V-Served, an initiative of Sybrid is ready to serve clients with its diversified services

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V-Served is an initiative of Sybrid that has been launched after carefully examining the virtual assistants’ market. We have identified that most of the businesses are overwhelmed with work, but can’t hire the right resources due to the cost factor attached to it. V-Served is here to change that and provide businesses access to a diverse talent pool that will help them solve schedule/email management problems, digital media management issues, data-entry related complications and much more.

V-Served offers its services to every company – be it small, medium or large – and puts them on a level playing field with the Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are a solopreneur, mompreneur, family owned business, or a large conglomerate, we strive to serve every business with the same level of commitment to deliver nothing but excellence.

V-Served provides diverse services including: Executive Assistants, General Assistants, Bookkeeping, Digital Media Management, Schedule Management, Blogging, and Email Management to help any and every business stay ahead of their competitors and step up their game. Leveraging our highly-experienced and qualified team members, we aim to serve our clients’ the right way while empowering them to focus on growing their business.

Since V-Served is part of Sybrid, the prospects should expect nothing but perfection when it comes to working together. Sybrid has already proved its mettle in the market and has been ranked among the best companies in the market.

Simply put, V-Served exists to serve its clients and help them survive, sustain and scale up.