A web-based system that assists the retail market with inventory management, point of sale applications, and order processing/delivery. Additionally, it employs a cloud infrastructure for promoting a business-centric experience in hospitality industries.

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The Wisdom suite has been designed to help secure strategic objectives and overcome the modern challenges of the emerging hospitality and retail market. It enables automation, monitoring, analysis, and tracking processes to help business owners divert their attention to other critical arenas that ensure business continuity. Additionally, it significantly lowers overheads and paperwork with its cloud infrastructure.

Everything You         Need to Know!

Everything You Need to Know!


Wisdom is an integrated suite of products that combines four systems for improved B2C communications. The Sybrid Wisdom suite won first in Tourism and Hospitality at the 16th P@SHA ICT Awards 2019.



A supply chain and inventory management system like SPINEL does many favors to warehouse and franchise-based business models. It calculates stock in hand in real-time, offers wastage control, sends production recipes from warehouses to branches, and allows for transfer between units.

Additionally, it creates purchase invoices/receipts and enables users to revise previously drawn-up recipes. The model-generic functioning abilities enable extensive control, a well-organized approach, and efficient inventory management.


An all-in-one solution for taking orders, processing requests, and responding to calls, emails, and web queries. It offers multiple search criteria for orders and customers. Each order is color-coded and processed with a conversation option for clarification purposes. Alongside this, brand orders can be altered within each branch. Best of all, it can easily be integrated with any customer relationship management (CRM) system for an improved ordering experience.



A POS, or point of sales, software application enables retailers to gather valuable insights regarding potential consumers’ purchasing habits. It also identifies sales trends using real-time market analytics to make informed decisions.

PERIDOT’s key features include automation of cash reconciliation, identification of cash variances, and daily generation of sales reports and figures. Its primary functions range from inventory tracking to order customization (for dine-in, takeout, and delivery) and management of employees and customers.


A CRM, or customer relationship management, platform handles all customer interaction activities within the business to create an efficient, well-connected environment. It enables real-time response to customer queries and feedback as well as provides automated self-service features for ease of consumers. Apart from fostering customer relationships, it also improves scheduling, enhances service desk productivity, and gathers insights that assist in making profitable decisions.

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Monitoring and improving net margins across all franchises.


Automating cash reconciliation and handling.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking and refurbishing inventory without falling beyond Economic Order Quantity levels.

Live Tracking

Accessing sales data from remote locations.

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Supply Chain and Inventory Management System

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